Monday, July 09, 2012

Cold to the bone!

Anyone else in Melbourne think we're having an extraordinarily cold winter this year?

I could take this personally, you know. I made a vow back in May that I would not let Seasonal Adjustment Disorder get the better of me this year. I vowed to find joy in the cold weather! Yes, well, that was before we had the 1-2 degree night - and several off them each week!

It also seems to be raining a LOT this winter - like 5 days out of every 7!

The Grumpy Old Man said he heard on the radio that meteorologists are predicting another el niño for this summer because they are often preceded by particularly wet winters. The last el niño was around 2008/09; the summer Ari was a newborn and there were rolling brownouts in the city and we ended up with no electricity for 24 hours on a 47 degree day...

The rain is certainly not set to let up for the next four weeks, either!

I'm not wishing for a heat wave, really, I'm not, but... BUT, right now - as I lose feeling in my feet (through my big fuzzy socks), I do kind of wish it was summer already!

In other news, I'm making progress with my PhD proposal, slowly, slowly...

Today my parents went to pick up their new home (a 25ft Jayco Caravan). I was hoping to do a post full of pictures of the new lovely, but that'll have to wait until tomorrow or Thursday.

We're half way through the holidays and these have been very busy, and yet, I'm still ready for them to be done with - maybe because at the end of next term it will definitely be spring!

Still nothing on the car front.  Should any of my readers win the lotto and feel sorry for us and spot us cash for a decent second hand car, I just want to say THANK YOU in advance!!!

Maybe I should invest in one of those sun lamp things for misery guts like me who suffer from SAD!


Unknown said...

We are not getting any rain at all in Tassie. We are getting the cold nights though. Just grin and bear it I guess.

Jayne said...

It is cold. Not so much during the day (well I don't think so but I'm all superheated when I'm moving around) but at night it's FREEZING! You sound like you hate cold as much as I hate heat! It sucks to be in a season you hate. I don't love the cold but infinitely prefer it to be cold than scorching hot. Shame it can't just always be a nice, temperate 18-25 degrees though!

Can't wait to see pics of the new mobile home!

Sif Dal said...

Melissa, we must be getting your rain! If I could figure out how to give it back to you, I would!

Jayne, oh 18-25 would be perfect - and rain at night!

London said...

I feel so sweaty and hot right know that I can hardly imagine how cold you are, Melissa. I hope the weather would be fine soon!

Good Job!