Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The bad, the good, and the AWESOME!

The Bad

Waking up at 10.55am (thanks generous Grumpy Old Man for letting me go back to sleep after kids left for school, but...) and realising you're supposed to be at an appointment you've waited six weeks for, in five minutes time!

The Good

Calling them and finding they are happy for you to hop in a cab and turn up to the appointment 40 minutes late.

Finding out someone can come to your house to tutor you in the voice over commands on your own computer - because you've tried to teach yourself (it's supposed to be user friendly says Apple) and find it all very, very confusing and lumpy to use.

Hearing that there are employment services you can access as soon as you feel the need of them (considering I've just applied for a PhD, I'm kind of in a grey area regarding work, though part time work would still be acceptable, I think, under a certain limit of hours. I need to find out. If I don't get into the degree, well, then full-time work is very much needed).

Realising *just in time* that you were just about to drop your phone into a large public rubbish bin, instead of the empty drink bottle in your other hand!


After having a look at a variety of electronic magnifiers, ranging in price from $160-$1000, and making an appointment to see an optometrist for a more in-depth assessment then heading off to the occupational therapist for an assessment... Being called back into the caseworker's office to be told she has a couple of electronic magnifiers which people have donated to her because they no longer have use for them and that if one of them suits your needs, she wants you to have it because she realises the cost of a new one might be prohibitive for a family of six living solely on pensions.

This is going to make such a massive difference to my ability to read to research material which are not available online or through kindle etc!

The Greens announcement of DentiCare! Woot! Finally, getting the kids and our teeth attended to, will no longer be a matter of money (although we both still need to get over our horrendous cases of PSTD from childhood abuse at the hands of dentists - I kid you not!).


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Jayne said...

The awesome is indeed, awesome!

Good Job!