Friday, September 07, 2012

At a loose end...

I'm at a loose end, and I'm really not good at it.

This is why I wouldn't make a good buddhist or meditator. I'm far to restless and these four competing channels of thought in my head are so noisy and distracting and frustrating - and right now they're all clambering for something to work on, to nut out, to pull apart and reassemble and examine and theorise  about.

Having submitted my application and with no other 'project' to occupy my mental spaces, I'm feeling agitated and hungry for stimulation.

The internet doesn't it do it for me - yes, it's entertaining but mostly it's just a time suck, filling my head with superficiality and pureed ideas that are more palatable to the masses - and no one had better suggest housework, because I'd probably not be able to resist the urge to scratch your eyes out.

I've been biting hooks, which is no good.

Not actual hooks, just the kind of hooks you find on forums and Facebook. You know, someone makes a statement and it's so preposterous you can feel your muscles coil into jump mode and you're more or less powerless to fight the urge to pounce. Yeah, that.

Statements like suggesting people who choose not to vaccinate their kids are not fulfilling their obligation to society. (because obligations are, you know, only ever one way, right?)

Or suggesting that Michelle Obama has let down feminists by saying she views her highest priority to be her role as a mother. (because Michelle Obama can only be a proper feminist if she downplays her role as a mother and is embarrassed by that role)

I know my views aren't popular, neither was Pythagoras' view that the earth was, in fact, spherical rather than flat. It took hundreds of years for that theory to be widely accepted, too, but the evidence was all around.

Please follow this link, the blog post it takes you to is quite fascinating!

Even if I'm wrong - and I may be - it's only my opinion, right?

I should probably just keep my opinions to myself, they aren't winning my any friends. The thing about that is, what if I'm actually right - as inconceivable as that might be to many - shouldn't I at least put the ideas out there for consideration (surely *someone* isn't just fobbing me off as a nut)?

The truth is, if I was not at a loose end, I'd probably be too busy to bite hooks. That would probably be best for everyone, too, because I'd feel a lot calmer and everyone else could just get along agreeing amongst themselves without my dubious contributions.

Argh! Being at a loose end is torture!

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