Friday, September 14, 2012

Flexibility and inner peace?

Today day is the first day since Sunday that my left leg hasn't felt like it doesn't belong to my body.

All week it has been horribly painful to sit, stand, lay down and walk. My right leg has been less affected but also very inflexible and sore.

So, why have I been experiencing all this discomfort? Well, because last weekend I tidied the back patio. Tidying the back patio entailed scrubbing moss off the stone tiles and I should have crouched down or knelt to do this job, but the ground out there is very rough and was very wet as well.

I've always been very limber so I chose to bend at the hips and scrub the patio that way.

Yes, wrong move, that!

All the muscles and ligaments at the back of my legs became strained and agitated doing this. I didn't feel any of it until Monday around lunch time, by Tuesday morning I was in agony, and Wednesday was the worst day. Yesterday was a bit better and finally today I was able to actually cross my legs and sit with a little pressure under the back of my knees (all week I've been perched on the edges of chairs and couches).

This got me to thinking I really need to work on my flexibility, and strengthening my muscles.

I've been suffering more from lower back stiffness and hip stiffness in the past year or so as well.

I am carrying a lot of so-called extra weight, but I don't think that is the problem (in and of itself) so much as a lack of strength in my core and muscles to support the extra weight, so I want to work on that a bit.

A while ago I saw this video about how yoga helped a man walk again. It's quite amazing to watch.

I did a bit of investigation and found the series of DVDs this guy bought to achieve this miraculous comeback, but they're quite outside of my budget, and besides, I don't need a miracle, just a bit of strengthening, which I think I can achieve with just regular yoga, if I am consistent.

I found this video on You Tube and it looks quite easy to follow and get to know by heart.

I don't care if I don't lose any weight. Losing weight is not my goal.

I thought maybe also that doing yoga might help me feel a bit calmer.

A guy started following me on Twitter last week. He has a blog, so I checked it out and read this post which I found somehow compelling (probably because he said yoga gave him a feeling of inner peace, and I yearn for that)...

So, yeah, I have a yoga mat ready to go (albeit quite dusty), and I'm going to see if I can't pick up the routine on the above video (it can't be too hard, right?) and maybe I'll become a bit stronger and a bit more flexible (and won't suffer injuries from cleaning the house) and maybe, just maybe, I'll also find a bit of inner peace.

I live in hope!

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