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If we survive the end of the Mayan calendar...

2013 is set to be a very interesting, exciting and profitable year...

The Grumpy Old Man's mum called this morning to say the insurance company was willing to pay $2K toward replacing her asbestos filled roof after a tree limb put a small hole in the roof a couple of weeks ago. This means her cost of replacing the roof would still be $18K. If she decided against spending that money and just had the hole patched, that would be fine - until the next hole in the roof, which the insurance would not cover at all until she had the roof replaced.

So, she's determined to sell the house at this point.

The GOM and the two eldest boys will be at her house this weekend helping to shift items to the nature strip for council pick up.

I've learned something new about mother-in-law. When she dithers or is indecisive, it's a sure sign she just doesn't 'want to' do whatever you may be trying to persuade her to do. I've learned this because now that she's decided to sell, she has seriously thrown herself into this project with gusto!

Having considered her options, it seems she is not keen to buy a unit in a village because she doesn't want 'busy bodies sticking their noses in' to her business. She's also not keen to move into an independent unit as this would only be a temporary measure and soon she would be back to square one.

Her solicitor has suggest two units on the same property so that after she passes we could draw an income from renting out the second unit. The Grumpy Old Man and I are not keen to follow this course because, having been renters for decades we know that good landlords have sufficient savings to deal with things like broken hot water systems, and damages due to storms and so on. We believe that ultimately a rental property might become a money pit rather than a source of income.

We showed her a number of properties on the market at the moment which would afford her her own living space within a larger house - on occasion even her own entire floor of living space and she seemed open to this idea at the time.

So, besides one child starting high school, and another child starting kindergarten, and me possibly starting a degree, it looks like we may possibly also be leaving the rental market!

Financially, this would be a boon to us as we currently spend in excess of $19K on rent each year. In a house with no mortgage, we would be paying rates and maintenance and that would likely only come to $6-7k per year (I'm not including utilities or food in this as we pay those separate to rent, of course). Even though the house would be in her name, we would pay for rates and gardening and gutter cleaning etc. and we'd still be several thousand dollars a year ahead!

So, assuming the world does not come to an end on December 21st, life is starting to look up!


coloursofsunset said…
I have all my fingers, toes, and even m y eyes crossed for you that it works out. That would be amazing to be able to leave the rental market!
Oh that sounds like a great solution for you all!
Hope it works ok.
My mum is like that too. Indecisive for ages and then all gung ho when she wants to do it!
Sif Dal said…
Thanks for the crossed fingers toes and eyes and the well wishes, so much appreciated! This really feels like a turning of the tide! More stepping forward and less stepping back.

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