Thursday, October 18, 2012

Emerging Artist Award for Erik...

A few weeks ago I posted that we had discovered Erik would not be eligible to hang his painting in the school's annual Artist Fair Camp Show Exhibition - a professional art exhibition held annually at the school. This was right before the school holidays and so we were not able to contact anyone during the following two weeks to see if Erik could be given special consideration to hang a canvas in the exhibition despite not being sixteen years of age yet.

Last week the Grumpy Old Man wrote an email to the head of the Art Show Committee explaining that Erik had been looking forward to exhibiting this year and had been working on a canvas for several weeks already when we discovered the change in eligibility criteria and that his ability is far beyond his years - so despite not being sixteen, he certainly had artistic skills of a sixteen year old.

We waited but didn't hear back. On Tuesday night this week I discovered there had been an Art Show Committee meeting that evening - had I known about it earlier, we would have made an effort for one of us to attend the meeting and speak with someone in person.

Yesterday morning the Grumpy Old Man asked at the front desk of the school if they had heard anything in response to our email. They hadn't but the lovely secretary there (we've always gotten along very well with her) said she would be seeing someone from the committee that evening and she'd remind them we were waiting on a reply to our email.

This morning we still hadn't heard anything, and the closing date to submit entries is either Monday or Tuesday (it is dated Tuesday, but the form says Monday the 23rd of October, so we're not sure which it is), so we were beginning to get a little anxious that our email seem to be being ignored. The Grumpy Old Man went back up to the school and this time spoke with the assistant principal. She said she thought he should be given special consideration, but she would check with someone and get back to him.

She emailed us at lunch time to say he is allowed to hang his canvas in the exhibition and that, in fact, the art teacher of the school had decided he will be awarded the Emerging Student Artist Prize this year and so his work would be exhibited as part of that.

So, yay, the painting will be hung and yay, Erik is being awarded for all his hard work this year. The teacher (who works Fridays) had planned to tell him and his class tomorrow. I don't know if that means we're not supposed to say anything yet, but we were not told we couldn't, and I'm completely hopeless with secrets!

Now he just needs to finish the painting - with only 19 days to go until he must submit, he has a lot of fine work left to do, but he'll get there...


Jayne said...

Wooohoo!! Well done and very well deserved E!!!!x

Sif Dal said...

He was excited when he got home - turns out Dave isn't very good at keeping secrets either! This is the first time he's ever gotten an award for anything (other than those classroom teacher awards), so I'm really pleased for him.

Me said...

Well done Erik !!
Have the best day !

Good Job!