Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Heart My Body 2012

A year ago I participated in my first 'I Heart My Body' meme. I said back then that I've long loved my body, especially for its physical strength. That has not changed in the previous twelve months!

Last friday I was honoured to have a series of photos taken of me by emerging photographer Michael Griffith and I had a ball! The poor guy was trying to get some serious, even angry, shots of me (he plans to work with actors doing head shots among other things) and I was just having so much fun I couldn't get the smile off my face for more than a second at a time!

I do love my body! To me, my body is all about luxury; it's smooth and soft and generous. I love to adorn my body with body-art created by my brother - I know not everyone is into tattoos, but to me they are beautiful and they contrast the texture of my skin in a lovely way and so I really enjoy them.

So, now I'm going to bombard you with a few of the shots Michael took last friday - he is opening his business (in Melbourne's eastern suburbs) to the public in November (I believe) and I would be happy to forward contact details once his Facebook page is up. I should say, this post is not at all sponsored, I'm just so happy with the photos I wanted to share them with all my readers.

Man, I love this photo so much, I'm totally blowing it up and hanging it over the fireplace!

Dear God, who gave this woman make-up??!

Oi! Don't mess with me, I'm a tattoo'd lady!

I included this photo because I actually can't wink at will and this was just me trying to snarl, rofl, me snarling, hahaha!

'I summon the spirits of the lotus flower...'

And this photo is why small children run screaming from me... This is the angle they get to see...
Here's another body I heart... And a couple more photos from the head shooter... In case you don't know him, it's the Grumpy Old Man...

If you love your body, don't forget to blog about it and link it to the meme over at We Heart Life!


Carly said...

Lovely post!

Thank you for sharing. You look great in the images. I can't wink either ;)


[Creator of WHL]

Kate said...

I love that first shot too, it is just beautiful.

Your tattoos are stunning!

Unknown said...

I can't wink either, great shots

Unknown said...

I just love that in every single photo i can see the smile that you are trying to hide. You look happy

Glow said...

Love your tattoos. I'd have more if i could.

Good Job!