Friday, October 26, 2012

PhD application update.,,

It has now been 8 weeks and 4 days since I submitted my PhD application. It has also been 7 weeks since the second of my two referees submitted their referral for my application and I received an email confirming my application was complete.

As I've mentioned before, I also applied for a scholarship at the same time. Scholarship applications close on Wednesday next week.

Because I applied for both, it seems my application is on hold until the scholarship round has been assessed and so I was told not to expect a response to my application until December. This is very frustrating because I ticked the box saying I would like to do the degree regardless of my scholarship application outcome (which I now strongly believe will be negative. I have questioned applying for a scholarship at all, in hindsight, due to the level of applications and my complete lack of peer reviewed articles or academic research - outside my Masters, which doesn't really count).

Anyway, so I was waiting. Impatiently.

Early this week I received an email from Deakin Research saying I'd had two application forms on file on their data base, one completed and one incomplete and as I hadn't completed the second one in two months, they would be deleting it unless I expressed a need to keep.

Then yesterday I received another email, this time from the academic who said she would be willing to support my application. She wanted to know if I'd actually put my application in.

Emails from Deakin cause my heart to race.

At first I had a little panic thinking something had gone wrong, but it hadn't. The email from earlier this week acknowledged I had submitted a completed application already and only wanted to delete the incomplete application. So, I wrote back to said interested academic saying I had submitted an application but had been told I would hear back until December because of my pending scholarship application. I thought they might have contacted her before now as her name is on my application as a Deakin contact, so the fact she wasn't aware I'd submitted the application suggests to me it has sat idle for the past 8 weeks - which is quite disappointing, really.

She said it sounded like an unusually long wait and so she has asked another staff member to look into it and get back to me either today or early next week.

So, today I've felt a bit immobilised.

I have stuff I need to do but I'm just sitting here waiting for an email. I'm really hoping they might need to expedite my application because they need to sort supervisory roles for trimester three or something. Of course, there is always the chance I won't even get into the degree (a chance I hope is quite small considering I've already found an enthused academic to support my application). So, I feel nervous and excited and unable to get on with other stuff... Not a fan of that feeling.

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Rhianna said...

oh gosh Sif! Waiting is just the worst isn't it. Just breath and have faith that the powers that be are working with you. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely

Good Job!