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Turning four...

Ari turned four on Saturday. This was the first year where he was fully aware of the significance of his birthday and had been counting down to the day in months, then weeks, then days since about July...

Every day for the week prior to his fourth birthday, he would randomly announce, 'It's my BIRTHDAY!' - alternatively, the pouty version when he wasn't getting his way, 'But, it's my birthday...' Finally, on Saturday morning he announced his birthday and we could all tell him it certainly was his birthday! Two days later, when his Amma asked him how old he was, he told her he was '5-ish...' - it seems the count down to his next birthday has already started...

We were a bit worried he wouldn't have much in the way of presents this year, but somehow I managed to juggle the books and in conjunction with a well timed sale, he didn't do too badly after all! My apology for the crappy standard of these photos, I've all but given up using my Canon 350D, I think something is wrong with the lens alignment, so these were taken on the iPhone 4S and before my first cup of the day...

Present GLEE!

Bryn deciphering the Grumpy Old Man's handwriting -
he did an impressive job, actually!

FINALLY - after 13 years of collecting wooden Thomas
stuff, we managed to find an Edward (we were probably more
excited than the birthday boy at this find)!!!

All big boys must have a shirt and tie!

The 'Where's the Doctor?' book. Ari was more interested in
finding and counting all the daleks, though!

Erik wrestling a card envelope - this picture is in here because
being 13 and all, Erik wasn't really getting in amongst the
present opening (he is too cool for that, now), so this photo proves he
was actually there and participating...

Another Thomas score! Can't tell you how many years we've been
waiting to find this turn table at a reasonable price!

Whoo hoo! A mountain set! Ari just loves mountains and
bridges and plays with them for hours on end!

Ad hoc set up!

Proper set up. We discovered we're getting to the point where we don't have
enough track for all the speciality pieces - so track is now on the wish list. 

I made pikelets with jam and cream for lunch (hey, it was his BIRTHDAY!),
and less tradition honey and cream one's for Bryn and Luey - don't ask!

He's all charm, isn't he?
After lunch we had to get back to more mundane life stuff, like grocery shopping. We managed to get to the bus stop before Ari chucked a wally over something (cannot remember what now). Traditionally, in our family anyway, the age of four is much, much more challenging than the age of two. Erik, Lukas and Brynjar were all easy-peasy at two, but frightful at four. Ari was a terror at two and I had sort of hoped he might mellow by four, but this does not seem to be happening. So, it seemed quite apt that he should throw a massive tantrum, on cue, on his birthday. I sent the Grumpy Old Man home with Bryn and Ari while Erik, Luey and I headed off to do the grocery shopping in relative peace. If I have learned one thing from having all these children, it is that it is easy to prevent tantrums than deal with them - especially in the middle of busy supermarkets.

That evening we had our usual birthday dinner and cake tradition. Isn't he cute???  He sang along with his Happy Birthday song because that is what cool four year old boys do! Just like the photography, there is nothing 'professional looking' about the birthday cake - he, however, love this store bought chocolate cake, so it was a win/win situation!

This photo is a perfect example of Ari's determination. It's just one candle, but he gives it all he has!

The night before he turned four I laid down with him at bed time as the GOM and I usually take turns doing. I watched him fall asleep and then I lay there for a while longer until the sun went down and the room became completely dark. I tried to memorise his face and I realised how much it had changed since the year previous. Not only had he grown, but he has an almost invisible scar on the bridge of his nose from when he fell through the glass pane on our dining room door last Christmas Eve. I wondered how much he might change before his next birthday.

This coming year is going to be huge for him. He'll be starting kinder in February, having never been to daycare, or creche or kinder before. He'll move house and probably also suburbs. He'll make new friends and probably discover new interests. He may decide Thomas the Tank Engine is for babies - as Bryn did when he was four. Gosh, he might even lose interest in Doctor Who. though I hope not, I would really miss him telling people he's 'The Doctor'.

Some things I don't think will change. He'll still be as determined as ever. He'll still love all things technological. He'll probably still be as loud as ever!

I hope he'll still love cuddles and kisses with mum and dad. I'm sure he will!


Me said…
It looks and sounds like he had a great birthday !
Have the best day ever !

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