Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Who's the Boss - Working through preconceived notions of status with a 7-year old.

I just had a very interesting, very brief conversation with Bryn about who should be the boss of this house. Let's set aside the notion of what a 'boss' is, in his mind, it's someone who makes sure food is on the table and school uniforms are cleaning and ready each morning - which might lead you to the conclusion that the Grumpy Old Man, as chief chef and laundryman, is the boss of our household, but let's not get side-tracked by that right now (I'll come back to it later).

Bryn said to me, 'Jacob [the dog] is the oldest in the house [in dog years, of course], so he should be the boss of the house!'

Me, 'Why do you think the eldest should be boss, Bryn?'

Bryn, 'Because the eldest does everything first.'

Me, 'Does the eldest do everything first?'

He thought about it, 'Not always.'

Me, 'So, how would you decide who should be boss, what would you base your choice on?'

Bryn, 'Um, on ability?' (can you hear years of indoctrination in that answer? No? Me, either...)

Me, "That's right, and does Jacob have the ability to be the boss of this house?'

Bryn, 'No, he can't talk!' (by which I will assume he means he can't communicate extensively with us in any form that we mere human can comprehend - no offence, Jacob).

Me. 'Well, there you go, so even though he is the oldest, he's not the best suited to be the boss, is he?'

Bryn laughs and agrees he is not.

Now, getting back to who the boss is in this house... Well, of course, there is no boss (that's my official statement on that).

Our household is a cooperative where everyone has a say, and then I choose the best course of action out of everyone's suggestions and they all agree with me, either because I'm terribly wise, or because they weren't overly invested in the first place...

As a parting gift from me, here is a piece of adorable for you!

Last week, I won a family pass to see Ben10 Live at Monash University through Trish's blog My Little Drummer Boys - Trish always has some fabulous prizes happening on her blog, so if you're in Australia and love to win stuff, make sure you check her blog regularly.

Ari finally did inherit Bryn's beloved Ben10 jacket, and dressed in his jeans, black top and runners, he is almost the spitting image of Ben10 - don't you think?


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♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

Hope your boys have a great time at the show my boys loved Ben 10 live show on Saturday.
He does look the image of Ben 10 too.

Good Job!