Sunday, December 30, 2012

A quiet house...

We've had such a quiet week here this week.

Sounds a bit unusual, doesn't it?

Well, it is quite unusual and it isn't because my children have suddenly decided to become excessively well-behaved and co-operative and, well, very unlike my children. No Siree...

The main cause of all this quietude has been a bug.

Luckily - and despite Ari vomiting early on Box Day - it was not a stomach bug. A stomach bug you would have heard about long before now because I'm really not very good at dealing with them and I would have been lamenting my lot within twenty-four hours. Instead I've been enjoying the quietude which comes with a nasty cold or mild flu bug (depending on how you look at it).

It all started with Erik, on December 23rd, developing a case of the sniffles, which was accompanied by high temps and generally feeling under-the-weather and sleepy - which for Erik means he's really quick sick because nothing gets that boy down, really. He was having day naps and by Christmas Day had a chesty cough, as well. I'm happy to report that a week later he's feeling much better, though the cough is persisting (but that's kind of normal in our boys anyway).

Luey then came down with it on the 28th. For Luey, it went to his throat and so he's been voiceless for going on three days now - and that means lots of ssssshhhhh around here, as Luey's squeaky whines of 'Eriiiiiiiiik!' are usually the first sign of a fight breaking out. The kid has also suffered fevers and headaches, and has basically spent three days laying under his doona on the couch or in bed (today he is sans doona which is a sign of his impending improvement).

Just having these two out of commission has brought much peace to our tiny house!

Do I sound like I'm revelling?

Oh dear, I'm such a bad mummy!

This morning Ari has the cough and a raspy voice, and Bryn had a bit of a temperature, though the administration of Neurofen seems to alleviated all Bryn's symptoms.

I don't really like my kids being sick - honest - but my, it has been quiet and there has been a distinct lack of bickering, with people just quietly slothing about.

I'm almost loathed for the new year to begin. The kids will all be better in about a week and then it'll be time to organise new uniforms for Erik and kinder gear for Ari and I've also made plans to contact Writers Victoria about volunteering with them and I've found a local writing group I should probably see about joining.

But today I'm enjoying the quiet of sick children.

The legion of the sick... They don't look sick, but believe me, they're too
quiet to be well...

Who says I can't see the blessings in the every day, or the silver lining in dark clouds?

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