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Hello Boxing Day!

I'm amazed that people find the time to check blogs on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but when I had a look at my stats this morning I was pleasantly surprised by the numbers! I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas!

We were very busy; had my brother staying over and MIL came over for Christmas Day. Lots of great food, and more importantly lots of really great leftovers!

We discovered that Ari isn't a big fan of Christmas food. The kid loves triple smoked ham, but passed on the candied potatoes (I know, unbelievable, right?) and of course, everything else was vegetables, so he wasn't having any of those either.

He didn't like the Turkey - strange child - (though, he liked it cold for lunch today - strangerer child!) and the rest was vegetables, so you can fill in the blanks.

Wasn't keen on the pudding, but loves brandy custard and cream!

Oh, my chocolate ripple pudding with cooked apple was a hit though! I really think that is going to have to become the tradition dessert for Christmas Eve in our family - next year I'm adding cherries as well!

So, yesterday, he barely ate anything, but seemed very happy nonetheless. This morning when he woke with a stomach that hadn't consumed anything solid in sixteen hours, he was not a happy chappy at all and vomited all over Erik's bed (note, he had the forethought to get out of his own bed first).

It took two hours of raspberry toast (no margarine) and sipping water, then spewing and repeating the process to bring him back to his cheeky monkey self!

Other than that, Christmas was a blast!

Highlights included;

- Doing Christmas Eve dishes with my brother in the wee hours, with him scrutinizing every item I washed and returning several [clean] items back to the sink because they didn't meet his personal benchmark for sparkliness... Oh the memories of our childhood, and the hundreds of times we did this very same dance!

- Lukas opening the biggest present beside the tree (it didn't fit under the tree) which was for him and him alone (he was very much filled with glee over that little fact)...

We're really hoping this will help him pursue his interest in music with greater ease. He had some guitar lessons in term three last year, but with no one in the house able to support his practice, he floundered. At least I can help him with a keyboard a little bit (I can read music at an elementary level and know where to find notes on a keyboard), so we're hoping to find the money for keyboard lessons in the new year.

- Bryn opening his Skylanders present. My brother asked which game it was (as he gave the boys the Wii last year) and the Grumpy Old Man replied, 'Highlanders.' Yep, that's right, it's a game about men in skirts... Made us all laugh!

No, the child was not hopped up on anything other than pure excitement, but dear me, he has a future on the stage if he wants one, you could see that grimace in the nosebleed seats even without make-up!

- Erik opening his new mobile phone - finally - and now he thinks he's King Muck! It was only a Samsung Galaxy Y, but he loves it! You'd better believe I've memorized his number already! Also, because it's a Telstra pre-paid, I can call him for free from my mobile and home numbers, which is great!

- Receiving these beautiful candle sticks!

I love, love, love them! The pillar candles are scented in chocolate-gingerbread, and caramel and even when not lit, the smell of them infuses the room!

- Getting Vuze to talk to Tivo again! Okay, so it's not strictly Christmas related - although, it means being able to download Christmas 2012 specials of Call the Midwife and Downton Abbey. 

After the power supply died on the Mac a month ago and it was fixed, my Vuze program decided it couldn't find my TiVo, which meant that while I could still download shows to Vuze, I couldn't transcode them so we could watch them in the comfort of our loungeroom on the TiVo (first world problems, I know!)...

I'd tried uninstalling and reinstalling Vuze, but it seemed to always find my old account and refused to boot up from the proper start. I knew this meant I hadn't deleted every Vuze related filed on my computer, but couldn't find them all to delete them. It felt like a hopeless task. And then I discovered this You Tube video which ensures the complete uninstallation of every file related to a specific program on a Mac - it worked perfectly for me, and is very simple!

Anyway, reinstalled, and Vuze talks to TiVo again, so I'm very pleased!

- Managing to get a half-decent photo of all the boys...

Love them so much!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with friends and family!


I'm glad you had a lovely Christmas Sif.
Ailsa said…
It's sounds like you had a lovely day! Cool presents too :)

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