Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Things I would think about if I could find the time...

Christmas is less than a week away (for those of us who celebrate it on Christmas Eve) and, of course, like most other people in our society, we're running around like hairy goats trying to get everything done around here.

My mum and s-dad are visiting us at the moment which is great.

As well as this there is Christmas shopping still to be done, including groceries, and on Friday it looks as if we're going to spend most of the day up at the boys' school running between junior school end of year concert and the year six final assembly before the school year come to an abrupt end at 1.30pm.

There are things, though, non-Christmas related things, that I feel pressure to think about.

The pressure is all internal. I'm really the only person who cares about these things, but it's there nonetheless squeaking at the back of my mind like the proverbial wheel.

The issues with Deakin have not been sorted and I'm beginning to despair of them being sorted before Christmas.

I guess, deep down, I had probably hoped that if Deakin saw the examiners' reports (which were very favourable) they might suddenly realise what an asset my thesis would be to their program and would offer me a candidacy there and then.

Yes, well, this is probably not very realistic.

So, I should try to move my thinking towards what to do next.

I need to get published. I need a longer list of publications under my belt and I need to network.

Networking is something most writers need to do, and it is also something most writers find contrary to their nature. I know it's a stereotype, but writing is a solitary business when all is said and done, and many writers are not the type of personality to get out there and mingle and sell themselves and make nice with other people (though there are always exceptions and, boy, do I wish I was one of those).

There was a life-writing workshop at Writers Victoria that I was very keen to do, but since I first saw the event less than 48 hours ago, it's been booked out. I have put myself of the waiting list, but my concern is the cost. I may have to suck it up though because doing this workshop would tie in nicely with applying to do my PhD at RMIT.

That's another thing I have to think about. I still want to do a PhD. My first preference would be to do it at Deakin with the lovely Dr Cassandra Atherton as my supervisor, but it seems this isn't going to work out. So, as far as I can tell, my other options are RMIT or the Victorian College of the Arts through Melbourne University. RMIT offers a doctoral degree closer to the style I would prefer to do; consisting of an artefact (80%) and an exegesis (20%). The VCA on the other hand seems to be more 50/50 artefact and research, which I'm not sure is what I'm looking to do.

I still want to research Flash Fiction, but am now leaning towards incorporating life-writing and flash fiction, or perhaps even creative or narrative non-fiction (though those may be a stretch for what I'm considering writing for my thesis). I need to look into this some more.

I need to sit down and write lists. Lists of stories, lists of ideas, lists of opportunities I need to take up. I need time to think about it all, but at the moment time is crammed with life and people to feed and organise and respond to, and time is also running away - as time tends to do.

Well, this was a muddled post - sorry for that - it reflects my thinking processes at the moment; disjointed, incomplete and inconclusive.

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Rhianna said...

Oh lovely go and write those lists and then write those books. Some how some way you need to find a way (as do we all) to break free and write like there is no tomorrow. Write as if this is the only chance you will ever to get your thoughts out there. Imagine if someone said Sif, in one month you will never be able to write again. What would you get out in that month? Pretend that time is now.

Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely lady

Good Job!