Monday, January 28, 2013

Hello first week of crazy...

Well, it's here, the week I've been anticipating, the week I've been dreading...

Yesterday my parents moved to Melbourne from Adelaide. They moved to Adelaide thirteen years ago, and I never imagined they'd stay there so long, but they created a great life for themselves over there. Built a house, built a life. Over the past year, they've made a lot of changes to that life, culminating in moving back to Melbourne yesterday. I'm very excited to have them here, and yet I woke up to a nightmare this morning that I wasn't going to see them often - ironic!

Life is about to get busy for all of us. Mum is taking up a new position at a local college. Step-dad will be getting a business off the ground, and as I've been saying for the past six months, our lives in this household are about to become more hectic than any year to date. Despite all of that, I know we'll see each other often enough and mostly the dream was my fevered mind running to those places it goes when I feel the greatest need for emotional support.

I feel sick at the thought of Erik starting high school on Wednesday. I don't know why. In reality this is just another step along the path to growing up. I know he is nervous about not knowing anyone, but I also know that by the end of February he will know people, and hopefully he will have started to build some friendships. He has school camp in about three weeks and that will be a great opportunity for him to get to know other students. He is far more accomplished at making friends than I ever was at his age. As well as this, he still has his friends from primary school. Despite three of them already having moved on a year ago, they caught up regularly throughout 2012, so there is no reason to think he'll suddenly lose contact with them now. His mate who lives up the street is actually moving closer and will be fives house away by the end of the month, so he should be fine.

I'm nervous about the school work, but I'm also a bit excited to see what he'll be doing. I think we have a good plan for tackling home based work, so he'll be fine.

Then there is Ari starting kindergarten. I'm worried about some of his more, um, assertive behaviours being a problem. He is much more defiant and aggressive than Bryn ever was, and we did have some minor issues with Bryn being obstinate and disruptive at kinder. I guess I'm concerned Ari will be worse. That said, he won't have the same kinder team as Bryn had either. They won't be comparing him to Bryn. He won't have the lovely Elisabeth, but he also won't have Bryn's old kinder teacher who's opinion of Bryn's behaviours would have had me in full panic mode about Ari. Hopefully, the kinder teacher and assistant this year will be a good combination of no-nonsense, compassion and fun.

The contractors are coming tomorrow to inspect the property. This could mean the owners will commence building later this year, or it might mean that - just as in previous years - they'll be knocked back yet again and nothing will happen, yet again. It's one of those 'borrowing trouble' scenarios, there is not point panicking about that lot of changes until there is some concrete evidence that something will happen regarding the build.

I was going to write to Deakin a week ago to remind them of the letter they received at the end of December and to ask if they were going to reconsider my application in light of the new information or if I should apply again. I chickened out. I suddenly felt scared they might slap my wrists for being pushy or something. Now I'm thinking I'll still write to them, but I might wait until we get through this week because this week is enough of an emotional roller coaster without adding more pressure to it. I have to have some faith that everything will work out as it should with regard to the PhD, that everything will happen in it's right time, and quite possibly this week isn't that time.

Ah, that feels better. Hopefully now that I've had that little brain dump, I can get on with today's tasks with a greater sense of peace. On the agenda today; house keys for two boys, locker combination lock for Erik, kinder forms for Ari (I thought I'd done them all but discovered a whole new pile on Saturday), Blu Tac for Ari's kinder paintings! Erik is going to a mates birthday party. Mum is coming for a coffee, and I'm determined the Grumpy Old Man, the boys and I will play a quick game of monopoly, as well, because we haven't played a single board game all summer and that is tragic!

Tomorrow is going to be very busy as well with the contractors visit, and three lots of school books to pick up at two different schools... Then it all begins with Erik starting school on Wednesday and Ari having his kinder interview and picking up his uniforms!

There will be photos - oh you know there will be!

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