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January in full swing...

I have spent some time this morning reviewing my calendar for January. It's filling up fast. There is still one whole week with nothing scheduled - so it's not too bad - but as we are really only able to manage one errand a day with all the kids in tow and no car, I know that time will fill up as well, so right now I'm just savouring the blankness of those precious days.

These holidays seem to be passing so much more quickly than in previous years. This might be because I know this year is going to be hectic and I want to really feel recharged and ready to take it on, or perhaps it's because the kids are older now and do more things independently of us and so there feels like a lot more is going on than in the past.

Today, we're taking down all the Christmas decorations and I have to admit I'm well and truly ready to pack them away. We had a lovely Christmas and it really did feel like Christmas this time around, but everything has its own time, and I'm ready to move on from Christmas and into the new year.

Tomorrow is going to be very hot again, so the only thing we have planned is picking up mum's painting from the framers. Mum would say, 'It's not my painting, it's yours now.' but I think I'll always think if it as 'mum's painting' and she will probably always think of it as her mum's painting.

Tuesday will be very exciting as the time has finally come to outfit Erik for high school. I hope they have plenty of stock in his size so we can get it all sorted during the one session. Summer and sports uniform only at this point, and his blazer and bag. We'll pick up shoes and runners later this month.

I'm disproportionating excited about black lace up school shoes. Our primary school doesn't require them, which is good in a way (because they're not cheap) but also it doesn't look right to me with kids wearing all different shoes.

I have a real love/hate relationship with uniforms. I love the way they look, but I hate the role they play in turning individuals into cookie cutter lookalikes. Also the tribalism of uniforms is a two edged sword in that it encourages a sense of belonging, but the sense of inter-tribal competition is pretty much unavoidable, too.

Wednesday will see Erik and I getting our hair coloured! I'm not talking run of the mill colour here. Erik has wanted blue or green hair for a while now. I've managed to talk him our of colouring all his hair blue or green and opting for a few relatively subtle streaks through his fringe, instead. He really likes the idea of blue, but we've heard it fades very quickly, so we might go green, we'll wait and see. I'm thinking probably some sort of fiery red for myself (though, purple, green or blue are tempting, too), and that will be all over my very short hair. I would love to go snowy white but I'm not sure it would take. We're doing the colour ourselves - under the professional instruction of Jayne's friend, Georgia. Obviously, I'll post the results on Wednesday night, so stay tuned.

Maybe something like this for me...

Erik is going out Thursday and the Grumpy Old Man will probably have to run errands for his mum as well, other than that the rest of the week will be quiet, I hope - time for reading and maybe some research.

At some point I also have to contact the Wheelers Centre and RMIT. I feel nervous about doing these things. I would love it if Deakin contacted me this week and offered me a place, but as time passes that seems more and more a remote likelihood, so I have to move on from that dream.

My tattoos now have white, spidery webbing of a healing crust over them. They feel tight and a little warm as they settle in. My right arm feels bruised, as if I was punched several times, but this is all part of the process and I know it will pass. The piercing I got in November was a little sore and puffy last night so I did a saline treatment (which I'm about to do again in a few minutes). Ah, yes, 41 and ageing disgracefully does have a price, but I'm having so much fun!

I haven't felt this happy in a long time, so I'm wallowing in the sheer bliss of it all; summer weather, the flow of the day, the fun activities and trying new things. I've been writing every day for the past week as well - on my writing blog that is (as well as here) - and I think that probably has a lot to do with feeling a lot less anxious than I have in months.

Sometimes I think it would do me a lot of good to live in Queensland, where it is generally warmer and sunnier than down here. I do feel the heat, but it just doesn't affect my mood as much as the cold of winter. I find I generally feel lighter and better able to cope with everything...

What a ramble today - if you made it this far you're either very bored today or a trooper! You choose!


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