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Finally, I can reveal our amazing blessing!

This is our new baby, I shall name her Clover because of her beautiful green colour - green is my favourite colour, did you know that?

Getting to this point of being able to share this news with you guys has been quite a journey!

It all started last Friday afternoon when my mum rang and ask if she and s-dad could come over for a quick visit. We said sure. They arrived shortly afterwards and we all gravitated towards the kitchen in search of coffees.

Mum and I were chatting about I-cannot-remember-what and s-dad was looking at his iPad, he asked the Grumpy Old Man's opinion on something on the screen and I noticed the GOM's face wrinkle up in confusion. At this point mum suggested I also have a look. On the screen was a lovely green people mover. I immediately though mum and s-dad might be wanting to suggest to us that if we showed MIL, she might just be swayed to get it for us all to use.

But no!

Next they told us they had traded in their 3 year old Holden Omega sedan on this Chrysler Grand Voyager. When they told us this, the Grumpy Old Man and I both were completely speechless for a number of minutes - that's quite a feat!

The first photo we saw of Clover

They told us the car was 14 years old and had quite a few kilometres on it, but was in beautiful condition and came with 12 months rego, road worthy certificate and 12 months RACV warranty! We were told we could pick it up on Wednesday!

On Saturday both the Grumpy Old Man and I felt like we had massive hangovers!

It took quite a while to even begin to believe we would finally, finally have our car! We had started looking into low income loan schemes, but they could only offer us $3000 loans and we knew that would mean an extremely unreliable car, and probably not a people mover.

On Monday mum rang again and asked if they could come and visit. She said there was a problem. I felt sick to my stomach.

It turned out that the car had originally been advertised at $11 999, but when my parents first saw it in the yard, it was down to $9 999, when they offered their awesome late model Holden as a trade-in they were able to negotiate the price down to $8000 ($500 below the minimum trade-in for the Holden, but my parents didn't mind). On Monday, they'd called mum and during the conversation it had been revealed that the trade-in did not include the cost of the 12 months RACV warranty, so if we wanted the warranty, we would have to pay for that ourselves. That cost came to $320. The dealer was offering their own limited 12 month warranty for free, but it only covered $300 worth of repairs per claim, whereas the RACV warranty covers up to $3000 worth of repairs per claim. So, mum said we had three options:

  1. Take the dealership 12 month warranty
  2. Pay for the RACV 12 month warranty ourselves
  3. Take the Holden 
The Holden is a beautiful car - the Grumpy Old Man prepared for his test in it and loved it! However, with only five seats, we knew it would only half solve our problem. As it turned out, when we had originally been told about the car on Friday, I had transferred $300 into a separate bank account as a back stop for the car, for things like RACV membership and what not. So we decided to go with option 2. We were told we could pick the car up on Friday afternoon at 1pm.

Yesterday we took Ari to his first every kinder session and he had a ball.

Afterwards we were just getting ready to pick up the car when another call came through saying we couldn't pick the car up yet because Vic Roads was insisting on a change of number plate. The dealer said he'd argued for us to just keep the number plate we had but Vic Roads was insisting. So we arranged to pick the car up this morning.

I called RACV and asked why Vic Roads might be insisting on a change of number plate, and they explained that because of the age of the car it fell on the other side of a cut-off due to the number of plates which had faded over the past ten years or so.

Finally, this morning s-dad and the Grumpy Old Man headed off to pick up Clover. They seemed to take forever coming back but eventually they arrived and it was amazing to see our own car parked next to our house!
Enough room for every one! This car is so spacious!

Clover gets the thumbs up from the crew!

Jacob got in, and then refused to get out!

The Grumpy Old Man sticking on his green Ps!

Desperately trying to be cool and not grin like an idiot!

Unlike his wife!

After a cuppa, the guys headed off for a drive so the Grumpy Old Man could get used to the right hand gears. Twenty minutes later the phone rang. The Grumpy Old Man was on the other end of the line laughing. My stomach sank - the only reason he calls me laughing is when something has gone wrong. The car had lost power and stopped.

At this point I thought I was going to vomit. 

Mum headed off to meet them and they were given instructions to call the dealer and give him hell! I was panicking because I knew we weren't covered by roadside assist yet, but also broken down after just three hours??? I had visions in my head of calling Consumer Affairs!

The guys called the dealer who put them onto the mechanic who suggested they put fuel in the car. They said the fuel meter showed a quarter full tank, but the mechanic suggested perhaps the meter was stuck. So, mum sat with the Chrysler while the men got emergency fuel and sure enough the car started up again. We'll be getting that meter sorted ASAP!

Phew! What a drama! But also, what a blessing! My parents don't have much in this world and the car they traded in had initially been earmarked to be sold and the money to be salted away for a bit of insurance against anything breaking in the caravan or their truck. I cannot adequately express my gratitude for their generosity!

This car means the Grumpy Old Man can apply for those in-home care positions he's been looking at for the past year. He has a better chance of actually getting some work now than he has had in four years!

This car means we be there for his mum in a matter of minutes if she needs us!

This car means we can have more relaxed outings as a whole family - we can take our kids to the beach for the first time ever!

This car means not being constrained by public transport, not having to carry the bare minimum, not getting tired and grumpy even before we reach our destination. 

This car means every trip will be at least three time quicker than ever before!

This car means freedom!


Angie Bun said…
Makes me a bit teary, all that you can do now!
Enjoy and stay safe on the roads :0
Yr Ham said…
Oops-we are rather fond of 'Freddo' ouselves!

Only kidding! LOL I love 'Clover'! What a fantastic day!
bec bennett said…
Ohhhh awesome! Enjoy your new found freedom. Lovely post to read!
Yr Ham said…
I have worked out '...why Ari's 'peace-sign'?'

Follow his gaze...! LOL
Kate said…
Sif I am so so happy to read this. What an amazing gift, one that will truly give you so many new opportunities.

I'm truly so happy for you all.

Safe motoring!!
Ross Taylor said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
still called clover?

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