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Oops... Sorry!

Okay, so you're probably here to find out what I was going to announce today.

Really sorry to disappoint you but it may be that even mentioning we had exciting news jinxed us just a little because the 'day of telling' has been postponed to Friday.

Yes, I'm disappointed too. Though a postponement is still okay because at least, as far as we know right now, everything is fine and everything will work out still - there is really no reason to think it won't except that we've had so many things not work out at the last minute and are very much gun-shy.

In other news...

Ari starts kinder on Friday - so Friday is now a jam pack day of lots of emotions zinging around...

Probably not ideal for a four year old who has never been anywhere without at least one of his parents or one of his brothers.

This realisation dawned on me a few days ago. This child has never been anywhere without one of us - his nearest and dearest - as support. By the time Bryn started kinder, he had been to creche one day a week for over a year. Yes, he was there with my BFF and her daughter, who are practically family anyway, but still it was without one of us; his mum or dad and his bros.

I've talked to him about Friday a couple of times, explaining that we'll go to kinder and he can play with some toys and then mum and dad will go home for a little while and then we'll come back and pick him up and we'll go do something fun.

Of course, then the appointment which was supposed to happen today was moved to Friday, and it's not something you can really take a four year old to, so I'm not sure how we're going to swing 'doing something fun with mum and dad', but we'll figure something out...

Erik is settling into high school quite well. He's making a friend already, which is just brilliant. He likes most of his teachers, but finds one a bit boring - so, basically, he's a high school kid... His Personal Learning Project mentor was really impressed with the project he has chosen and told him she really hadn't expected him to be so ambitious (possibly because he's only a year 7 student) - which is a great start! He is the only year 7 doing a personal learning project.

After the first class he kind of wanted to change electives because they had had a stand in teacher and she hadn't really guided the students much, so he had no idea what to do and felt his range of choice (the project is ultimately his choosing) was too broad. We had a chat with him and he was sure he wants to do a painting for the Brushes with Life tabletop book coming out later this year, so doing that as his PLP would kill two birds with one stone. That helped him settle a bit.

He's been working pretty steadily on looking for an idea to create. He and the Grumpy Old Man and I have trawled the net for inspiration together over a few sessions, and he's come up with an idea - it came to him the other night after lights out and he wrote some quick notes (which really impressed me) which sound awesome. Last night he made up a time line for achieving the project goal, so he's well on his way already.

Lukas and Bryn are loving being back at school, and Lukas especially seems to love the responsibility of picking Bryn up from his class at the end of the school day and bringing him home and then letting themselves in with a key. He desperately wants for us not to be home one day when he comes back with Bryn but he's hoping in vain at the moment because I'm not quite ready to take that step yet. We do have a plan set up for when that will eventually happen. He is to let them in then immediately call my mobile and say they're home. The front door will be locked and he is not to open it for anyone. All the 'allowed' people have keys and can let themselves in. We also have a code word for if there is some reason someone else had to collect the boys from home.

Life is slowly starting to fall into place.

I still haven't written to Deakin. I really have to do it because I keep putting it off. I have to get some sort of voluntary work or study happening so I can collect mobility allowance. With the big change happening (Friday's big news), we're definitely going to need any extra income we can generate - we can get by with what we have coming in now, but it would be a tighter squeeze on resources than ever before and it's already strangling us now...

I need more self-confidence!


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