Sunday, February 03, 2013

Three more sleeps!

We have some HUGE news - but I can't tell you all just yet...

We had a bit of a shock on Friday, something completely and utterly unexpected happened. Something we could never have predicted but something which will change our lives quite substantially.

On Wednesday it will all become real - I hope - but until then I can't tell you guys all about it for fear of jinxing it.

Yesterday was a bit hard, the Grumpy Old Man and I both felt a bit shocked, confused and dazed - he said he felt like he had a hangover, but hadn't touched a drop of anything. I think if we'd had anything to drink in the house on Friday, he might have had a real hangover yesterday...

Today, he's a lot brighter, the shock has worn off and he's starting to get excited and make plans - he's always been good at adjusting when something has happened out of the blue that he didn't plan for and probably would have strongly resisted if he'd been given an option...

Me, I'm a little scared, and a little excited. It's growing on me. While I wouldn't have planned it this way - while it's not ideal because it affects other people as well - I will be devastated if anything is awry on Wednesday...

Blog posts like this are intolerable, aren't they?

Sorry for that, I really wish I could say more, but I have a great stupidstition about this after so many years of things going wrong at the last moment for us.

Three more sleeps!

There will be photos!

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