Saturday, March 02, 2013

Barritone and Undiebum...

Erik came back from camp yesterday. He rang just before 3pm because his coach had arrived at school earlier than expected and he wanted the Grumpy Old Man to come and pick him up earlier.

I barely recognised his voice over the phone.

At first I thought it was my brother Mike.

It was so DEEP.

Erik's voice has been getting deeper over the past year, but he has this voice he reserves for me which is still quite high, more askance, a voice he uses to get his way. I've pointed out to him that I can tell when he wants something because he speaks in a higher, more breathy voice. He didn't believe me.

When he got home he said he wished I hadn't mentioned the higher voice to him because kids on camp noticed it, too. What one has to do with the other, I'm not sure, but since camp he is all about the deep, deep voice. His voice is deeper than anyone in this house, even mine!


Last night Ari slept in undies.

This marks the first 24 hour cycle in this household since the 6th of July, 1999, that no one has worn a nappy.

Ari stopped using day time nappies on the 1st of October last year. He has had more anxiety about toileting than any of the other boys, but he is also our youngest to toilet train. He hasn't had any accidents, but had been more anxious about going, so we haven't even attempted night time training.

Then just over a week ago, the Grumpy Old Man noticed his night time pull-up was dry. It has remained dry every night since, so last night when we ran out of pull-ups, Ari went to bed in undies, and woke up dry this morning.

13 years and just shy of 8 months of nappies. I've worked out that's 4988 days of nappy changes, which is about 30 000 nappies if you consider that for many of those days we had two and even three children in nappies, I'm averaging out to about 6 nappies a day.


Our boys are growing up.

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