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Where to go next...

You may or may not have noticed that my blog posts have been a bit sporadic of late. It's not that I don't have anything to say. I have plenty to say. It's more that I'm in a space where the things I want to say are deeper and sometimes darker than what I've written about here previously.

I guess I'm getting to an age where I'm thinking back on my life a lot. I used to say that I would not change a single thing about my life because it has all brought me to where I am today, but I've been thinking about that and I'm not so sure that is true. I think some of the things I've done or experienced could have not existed and I would still be where I am today - so long as other people lived their lives the same way.

I have regrets.

I regret that night in late 1991 when a couple of girlfriends and I downed a bottle of Spumante each and went wondering the streets of Warilla.

I regret letting myself be beguiled by the baby-faced boy at Uni who was so desp…

Talent vs Skill or Talent AND skill?

Lukas received his high school enrolment forms today, which is pretty clever considering we haven't even lodged his preferences yet. Guess they want to 'lock him in' before the influx of applications - I'm quite happy to do that!

This time last year we were still just hoping Erik would get into this high school and we'd already invested some time and money in showing his 'special interest' in art. Things are different for Lukas because Erik is already at the school, but also because Lukas hasn't really shown a special interest or talent to the same degree as Erik. He is interested in music, but doesn't play an instrument. He is interested in robotics but hasn't showed a special talent for it, as such.

He's started on his 'Local Landscapes' painting and is going to paint using this photo from our Brighton Beach trip.

I took some photos of him starting the sketching stage last weekend.

It made me nervous when Lukas said he wanted to do…

And we're back...

Hellooooo readers - well, maybe that's just one reader now (hi mum!) - it's been a while.

School holidays, you know. I've been meaning to write, every day. We've been pretty busy with one thing or another and a couple of lovely photo opportunities, but I've been so sleepy all the time!

It's these anti-anxiety meds, they've left me feeling a bit like a zombie.

Not so much in that I can't feel anything, I can, though a lot of the anxiety has been well and truly reduced, but I'm just so sleepy all the time, despite actually sleeping at night for one in my life. It makes it difficult to concentrate and compose.

I'm really hoping I will acclimatise, but I don't know. I've started feeling a little more anxiety creeping back in and I'm concerned that when I mention this to my GP or Psychologist, they might want to increase the meds dosage, and then I might feel even more sleepy!

Sleepy isn't very good for PhD research.

On that...

How is…

Fire, fire! Getting your kids involved in your home's fire plan!

This post is sponsored by Nuffnang.

I was recently offered the opportunity to be involved in a Victorian Department of Justice Fire Awareness Campaign!

I jumped at the opportunity because I believe this is an important issue that every family, especially those with children, should seriously consider!

Fires scare me. Burning to death is my greatest fear.

I have one distant cousin who was badly burned while playing in a packing crate -in the snow! - with his friends.

As well as this, my brother and I, and our four year old cousin narrowly avoided dying in a fire when I was eleven. I joke about burning a house down, but the truth of the event was potentially horrific.

Living in metropolitan Melbourne, we often feel safe from fires such as the one Victoria witnessed on Black Saturday two years ago. This is a false sense of security. One of the Country Fire Association (CFA) fire myths states:

MYTH: If you live in a residential suburban area you’re safe.

FACT: Even on the urban fringe you …