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And we're back...

Hellooooo readers - well, maybe that's just one reader now (hi mum!) - it's been a while.

School holidays, you know. I've been meaning to write, every day. We've been pretty busy with one thing or another and a couple of lovely photo opportunities, but I've been so sleepy all the time!

It's these anti-anxiety meds, they've left me feeling a bit like a zombie.

Not so much in that I can't feel anything, I can, though a lot of the anxiety has been well and truly reduced, but I'm just so sleepy all the time, despite actually sleeping at night for one in my life. It makes it difficult to concentrate and compose.

I'm really hoping I will acclimatise, but I don't know. I've started feeling a little more anxiety creeping back in and I'm concerned that when I mention this to my GP or Psychologist, they might want to increase the meds dosage, and then I might feel even more sleepy!

Sleepy isn't very good for PhD research.

On that...

How is it that I've been chaffing at the bit for months now to get into this degree, just drooling at the thought of getting my teeth into some research and now that I'm in, I have to remind myself I'm about to start a research degree in a few weeks and I must prepare? What is that???

Easter was lovely.

The Easter tree was decorated for another year!

 My brother came to stay with us for a few days and we all went over to my parents on Easter Sunday for lunch. Mum put on quite a banquet!

On Easter Monday we had the Grumpy Old Man's mother over to our place. It really felt like a family Easter. We realised on the Sunday that mum, Mike and I had not been together in one room since 2007! I look forward to many more family get togethers.

During the first week of the holidays we had play dates for kids and for adults and managed to catch up with a few people.

I was experiencing some sort of stomach cramps for that entire week and saw my doctor on the Friday when they hadn't let up. They were like gall bladder attacks (I don't have a gallbladder anymore), only not as severe, though the first couple of nights were quite rough and neither Panadol nor Neurofen seemed to even touch the sides. I thought possibly they were a side effect of the anti-anxiety medication but the doctor seems to think the problem is gastrointestinal and possibly related to my life-long reflux. I'm off to have a gastroscopy on Thursday, which means light sedation, which means a needle in my hand - hold me now!

On the second Saturday of the school holidays, we caught up with two of the Grumpy Old Man's cousins. One I had met years ago when Erik and Lukas were five and three. I had never met the other and the GOM hadn't seen his other cousin in over 20 years. It was really love to catch up with them. Both of them have art training and one is a practicing artist who runs courses here in Melbourne, so of course we showed them Erik's work. It was nice to see the boys getting to know other branches of their family and we hope to maintain closer contact with them now. These cousins are a little older than the Grumpy Old Man and have grandchildren around Ari's age, so it would be nice to meet them as well.

The second week of the holidays seemed as busy as the first, though sitting here right now, I can't actually remember much of it. Step-dad had a birthday on the Tuesday so we visited my parents for afternoon tea, and the Grumpy Old Man had a birthday on the Wednesday. We took the boys to the movies on Thursday, courtesy of mother-in-law. Two things I do remember clearly are talking to my psychologist about the interview she conducted with Erik last time I saw her, and then finally, after many years of talking about it, taking a family trip to the beach!

The conversation with the psychologist was enlightening and confronting. As I have mentioned before I have long suspected Erik has ADHD. Well, she doesn't think he does. However, she feels there is a strong likelihood he has Aspergers. She has not diagnosed him as having ASD, but we have set in motion the process for assessing him for having it. I can honestly say, I have never considered this. Of course, as soon as she said it, the pieces did seem to fall into place for me. The early hypersensitivity to his environment, to new people entering the room, the lack of understanding about personal space, the massive meltdowns between 15 months and 7 years, the hand flapping and jumping in circles when he was younger, the holding back in social situations... And now, the doggedness with rules (except where they apply to him). The fact that if I am not specific, he doesn't seem to be able to extrapolate.

But this may yet turn out to be coincidence. We shall see. The Grumpy Old Man isn't convince it even could be ASD, mumbled something about that being the 'go to diagnosis' these days, but right now, I'm open to anything that will help us help him.

Yesterday, we finally drove to the beach. We were thinking of going on Saturday, but the weather was craptacular. We made no plans to go Sunday, but then when we got up and the weather seemed mild, we went for it!

It was absolutely awesome! I would love to live by the sea again - such a pity the fabulous high school is no where near the sea. The boys had a blast, they're all water babies at heart. We were only going to paddle, because it wasn't the warmest of days but before the GOM and I knew it the boys were in the water fully clothed! Rascals!

Here are a few photos...

Happiness is...

Feeling grounded and peaceful!


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