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In the Middle...

We picked up the keys to the house yesterday and went straight over to have a look.

On the night we first inspected it, I walked in the door and a flush of adrenalin burst into my veins at the perfection of the place. I was filled with a desperate need to get home and fill in the application forms straight away, so strong was the 'rightness' of this place.

Consequently, I really only had a rushed look through the house and had, in fact, misremembered the layout and proportions of the rooms.

So, yesterday was the first time I really took in the house and realised it's dimensions and layout realistically.

The study and bedrooms were bigger than I remembered. The lounge room was a bit smaller than I remembered - though still about twice the size of our current lounge room. I have to rejig the layout of some furniture, but it is all good. We discovered the house has ducted heating and cooling. We don't know if that system works properly because it wasn't advertised and…

Well, that was actually fun!

We have a new [rental] house!

We looked at a house last Thursday which I was happy with, though the Grumpy Old Man thought it was depressingly run down (hey, beggars can't be choosers and it was ideally located and big enough for all of us, and I'm sick of living in cramped conditions).

So, we put in an application on Friday. We still haven't heard back about that place.

We looked at some more houses on Saturday. Only one was big enough, but it was so run down it made the house we'd applied for look like a palace!

On Monday there were another couple of houses I wanted to look at. I had been lamenting to s-dad that the Grumpy Old Man and I didn't seem to be able to find a place we both liked. He had said to keep looking and the right place would come along. I wondered if we had enough time, and if - even if we could find the right place - we would have any chance of getting it with no taxable income.

We drove to the second house inspection on Monday night and parke…

We're moving...

Last Tuesday the brother of our landlord, a sales rep from a different real estate agency, the property manager from our real estate and the brother's wife all came to have a look-see at the house. As soon as they got in the front door, the brother tells us the building proposal for the back yard has been approved and to fund the build, the landlord needs to sell the house we're living in.

Apparently, this is something the landlord has known all along. So, when he told us we could stay on during the build, he was essentially lying.

As well as this, the approval went through with some amendments to the building plan. The landlord had not allowed for enough room around the townhouses and so the accommodate council requirements, he needs to demolish part of the house. The two laundry rooms and the toilet as well as Ari's bedroom need to go. So, even if the buyers of the house were to want to continue to lease it, there would not be enough room for our family in the house afte…