Tuesday, May 14, 2013

In the Middle...

We picked up the keys to the house yesterday and went straight over to have a look.

On the night we first inspected it, I walked in the door and a flush of adrenalin burst into my veins at the perfection of the place. I was filled with a desperate need to get home and fill in the application forms straight away, so strong was the 'rightness' of this place.

Consequently, I really only had a rushed look through the house and had, in fact, misremembered the layout and proportions of the rooms.

So, yesterday was the first time I really took in the house and realised it's dimensions and layout realistically.

The study and bedrooms were bigger than I remembered. The lounge room was a bit smaller than I remembered - though still about twice the size of our current lounge room. I have to rejig the layout of some furniture, but it is all good. We discovered the house has ducted heating and cooling. We don't know if that system works properly because it wasn't advertised and I can't imagine why it wouldn't have been advertised as air-conditioning is much sought after in the rental market. So, it might yet turn out the cooling doesn't work (though the clock on the system was keeping perfect time, so who knows). If it works, then the house is even better than we thought.

I discovered the appliances in the kitchen - the oven and dishwasher - are Miele. Apparently, this is a good brand, I know it is an expensive brand, so hopefully that means these appliances will work beautifully.

I'm more invested in the dishwasher working beautifully, I have to admit. I have high hopes of the dishwasher helping to dissipate long standing tensions between the Grumpy Old Man and myself over dishwashing.

I loathe dishwashing, he doesn't mind it, only when he washes the dishes, he doesn't dry them or put them away, or even finish washing them and it drives me nuts, but I'm not supposed to complain because I'm getting out of washing them - even though I do wash them semi-regularly and when I wash the dishes I leave the entire kitchen spotless.

So, I'm hoping that having a dishwasher will mean the dishes will come out of the washer ready to be put away and that I don't mind doing - so long as I don't have to bloody wash them!

Today we start the process of ferrying stuff over to the house. The removalists will take the furniture on Monday, but we're moving everything else (except the GOM's books, DVDs, and CDs because he must absolutely pack them in boxes with paper as if they were the finest china).

This house is a moving bomb site.

I'm already feeling overwhelmed by the state of everything - I really do like visual order.

I keep telling myself this is the middle and it is temporary and inevitable and just something I have to get through. This time next week we'll be in the house with all our stuff. So, this is the middle and it's okay because it won't last.

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