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Well, that was actually fun!

We have a new [rental] house!

We looked at a house last Thursday which I was happy with, though the Grumpy Old Man thought it was depressingly run down (hey, beggars can't be choosers and it was ideally located and big enough for all of us, and I'm sick of living in cramped conditions).

So, we put in an application on Friday. We still haven't heard back about that place.

We looked at some more houses on Saturday. Only one was big enough, but it was so run down it made the house we'd applied for look like a palace!

On Monday there were another couple of houses I wanted to look at. I had been lamenting to s-dad that the Grumpy Old Man and I didn't seem to be able to find a place we both liked. He had said to keep looking and the right place would come along. I wondered if we had enough time, and if - even if we could find the right place - we would have any chance of getting it with no taxable income.

We drove to the second house inspection on Monday night and parked outside. We'd just come from an inspection where several groups had walked through at the same time as us. Someone was parked outside this second house and talking on their phone, but they weren't wearing a suit so we assumed it wasn't the agent but rather another punter.

Then she got out of the car with a clipboard and we realised she was the agent and we were, so far, the only people attending the inspection.

We approached the front door and she welcomed us in. I asked if there had been much interest in the property. She said this was the first inspection and we were the first people to walk through the door. We went inside.

It was beautiful in a low-key suburban kind of way. Cream carpet throughout - and yes, I do hate carpet, but this carpet wasn't worn or stained like so many other rentals we had looked at. The first room we looked into was a bedroom, which had obviously been used as a study. There was office shelving on the wall. The second room was the master bedroom with double built in robes, and it had plenty of room for our bedroom furniture. The second room was a smaller but still decent sized bedroom. Next was the shower room, the bathroom and a separate toilet. Then another bedroom (same as the first smaller bedroom) with built ins as well. Then a laundry. The kitchen was lovely, update in the past 10 years, and had a dishwasher and a pantry cupboard. There was a large meals area as well as a dining area big enough for our huge table, and a living room about twice the size of the one we have now.

But that was not all!

We went out the back door to the balcony overlooking the back yard - it wraps around two sides of the house and there is a verandah off the dining room for outdoor eating.

Down stairs in the garden was a large bricked-in BBQ on a bricked patio, and under the ground floor there was a door leading to three rooms under the house, as well as the garage. The rooms look to have been used as a teenage retreat or granny flat (without a toilet or shower) and have real wood panelled walls and painted concrete floor.

We wanted this house SO badly!

I had a lovely chat with the agent explaining our financial situation and emphasising that we always pay rent on or before time and in full. She seemed very keen for us to apply and told us to provide her with any information we felt might help show we are reliable tenants.

Fortunately, we have a wonderful letter of recommendation from our current property manager.

On Tuesday we submitted our application and yesterday she told us it was approved!

I'm very excited!

This is the nicest house we will ever have lived in.

There will definitely be a no shoes policy, ha!

Also, a no eating or drinking on carpeted areas policy.

We've spent today arranging bond and initial rent cheques and organising for the utilities to be switched over.

We still need to find a removalist - we were not at all happy with the last bunch we used, and the one we used prior to them, who were great, have closed up shop.

I get to order a skip. I love ordering skips!

I'm trying not to think packing, let's just pretend that's not a thing.

I cannot wait to pick up the keys and go check the house out again!

That was the easiest house hunt we have ever done!


Sarah said…
Contests Sif... so pleased it was so easy to find the perfect place. I am sure you will be so happy there.
Bonnie said…
Congratulations on finding a new place. It sounds very nice. Enjoy!

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