Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lots of New...

I was sitting on the bus coming home yesterday and thinking about how different my life is now from even six months ago - yes, this has been occupying my thoughts a lot recently!

Tuesday last week marked a year since the Grumpy Old Man passed his driving test. At first nothing much changed. There was still a lot of stress. We didn't have a car and it didn't look like we'd be getting one any time soon. I hadn't applied for the PhD yet, and even when I did in August, I knew I wouldn't hear anything back for months. We were still trying to get work for the GOM, and we didn't know what the owner's intentions were for the place we were renting.

Now we live somewhere different and every day is filled with driving. The Grumpy Old Man is now on permanent stay at home parent/taxi driver/carer duty. We came to the realisation that as much as he would like to work, employers just don't want to hire him. We considered continuing to beat our heads against that door, but decided it was better to focus our efforts on getting me into work instead.

I am now a full time PhD student and yesterday I was given a tour of my workstation and facilities. Just now as I was writing the previous sentence I received an email notification that my access card to the building I am working in is ready for collection - so it looks like I will be moving in tomorrow!

Our lives are unrecognisable now as we pile into the car between 8.10-30am and head out for drop offs at kindergarten, school and University! We seem to be busy all the time and today was one of those rare days when I found myself at home by 2pm and therefore able to find time to write this blog post.

All this change is bringing some lovely new people into our lives as well! I was sitting in the library yesterday at Uni and was a little surprised to hear my name, I looked up to find a library staff member who also is a student and has the same supervisor as me standing in front of me - I will call her A. She sat down and we had a great chat about being PhD students and about literature and other related topic. It was so nice! I can't feel anything but very welcome on campus!

I have been attending a number of seminars for new HDR (higher degree by research) students and have met another really lovely lady through those seminars - I will call her K. She is from a different department and is also on staff at Deakin and thanks to her not being as shy as I am, we seem to have hit it off very nicely. I find myself hoping we will continue to run into each other even when these seminars stop being quite so regular.

It turns out that my workstation is set to move in around March next year. There is a new building on the main campus which is currently under construction and my research area has been allocated the 6th floor. If I manage to get a work station near a window there will be an absolutely gorgeous vista to distract me!

What the new building will look like...

An example of what my work station may look like...

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Jayne said...

That is all so exciting!! Yay for positive change. Being at Uni had changed my life too, so much for the better. Can't wait to check out your workstation!

Good Job!