Friday, July 26, 2013


I posted a couple of years ago about winning a designer handbag - and I modelled how I really just don't know the first thing about wearing fashionable totes. I still have that handbag and I still don't use it much - it doesn't really suit any of my outfits...

I have quite a few bags, actually. I have something of a crush on handbags and totes - and I can never really find the perfect one.

In recent years I've used these two a lot...

I love both these bags, they're just really beautiful to me. They're very roomy, too roomy really; they always end up overfilled and it's a looooooong way to the bottom of these bags. The red one has a really handy pocket on the strap which is perfect for keeping my phone and Myki close at hand thought. These bags cost me about $35 each.

These next bags I've used in the past when I didn't want to carry anything too big. You know, they always end up being too small. I never go anywhere without may purse, phone, or keys. Then I usually want to carry a drink and before I know it, these bags are bulging.

These bags were more expensive, they cost between $50-$70 each (a few years ago now, when I had that kind of money to spend on handbags).

Last week though, I found myself transferring all my crap important stuff this bag...

I picked this bag up at the School Fair a couple of years ago for $1. I wasn't sure when I was ever going to to use it, but I like it's simple lines.

I wear a lot of peasant clothing, and really this overly rectangular, black, officey document tote doesn't suit the organic, flowy, peasant look.

The thing is, I have to carry documents around with me a lot of the time, these days. Not just for Uni, but also for the various appointments for Erik and so I've ended up using this bag. As it turns out, it's actually quite perfect. It sits nicely on my shoulder, or I can carry it in hand. Everything fits and I'm no longer knocking my iPad into stuff - it even fits my lunch.

Oddly, it makes me feel more 'together' as well - I know that's really just in my head, but I actually feel more professional carrying this bag, I wonder if others will take me more seriously when I carry it? Ha!

Speaking of work, I had a supervisor meeting today and received some very encouraging feedback. Apparently, she's very impressed with my work. She said she often spends the first couple of supervisor sessions guiding and directing research students into better note-taking practice and developing their own views on topics, but I'm already doing those things well - yes, I've created a nice high pedestal to for myself to swan dive from, some time in the near future, no doubt!

I get to do some actual writing this fortnight, as well as more research and emailing a few experts in the field (that makes me nervous, approaching complete strangers even by email is well and truly outside my comfort zone, so pray or light candles or offer a sacrifice for me if you have a moment). It is reassuring to know I'm not completely flubbing my studies this early in the piece!


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