Sunday, July 14, 2013

Christmas in July...

I totally forgot to post about having Christmas in July last weekend!

It was all kinds of awesome!

There was Chrissy decoration making for the kids.

There was jumping on the jumping pillow.

There was three generations of men just chilling in the winter sun.

Spit roast arriving.

Chrissy in July showbags...

...including the annual treasure hunt.

Hanging of the children's handmade decorations. 

 Roast a-roasting on the spit.

A birthday selfie from Mr 'Turned 14 on the day'.

Table hockey!

And what is a celebration without face painting? 

Candy guess is serious business - formula were formulated and estimates estimated...

Pensive - it is crucial to get this right - a lot of lollies are at stake!

 So sweet!

 Then a thought crosses his mind...


Flashing lights and sirens...


When Santa asks if anyone has been good this year, Ari's hand shoots into the air - he knows the deal! 

Notice Mr 14 trying hard to be really cool in the presence of Santa...

A present for Ari!

A present and a hug for Bryn (who was certain he recognised Santa)...

Lukas isn't too cool for presents!

Bryn's solar operated robot.

Ari's military lego (Ari must have wished really, really hard!).

Erik also got a present, but was too '14' to pose with it, or show any kind of excitement. So I decided to torture him further by making him pose with his brothers with Santa, ha!

We finally got a smile out of the lad the following morning when he found out he had guessed the number of lollies EXACTLY. He generously shared with the rest of us.

 It was a lot of fun! The food was marvellous with soup, roast and several desserts to choose from (though for me there was nothing as good as the choc-mint pavlova, yum!). The boys behaved themselves (mostly) and Ari held himself together for the long 8 hour celebration (he had a lot of distractions). I hope we get to do it again next year!

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