Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Flash fiction is, apparently, anti-capitalist in it's minimalism.

Here I sit at my work station - which I finally (mostly) set up this morning.

I have managed to work out how to save to my flash drive (woot!) and how to print off articles (endless free printing, y'all!) and how to use the CCTV and finally how to upload photos to this computer from my phone.

It's all going well.

I have found the three peer reviewed articles I will review for my supervisor meeting next week - haven't found the three flashes to review though, have to get onto that on Thursday. I've also made a list of 20 flashes to start the writing process (and several more to keep for later).

My Gods! I'm actually doing this!

I need a 'work coffee cup'. There are cups out in the kitchen here, but I'm rather squeamish about using cups when I don't know anything about who used them before me or how clean they actually are.

I've arranged a phone for my work station - which will be awesome because I need to be able to do interviews over the phone, and not everyone has their own phone (I guess some people really just use their work stations as a quiet place to get some writing or reading done). I have also arranged to use a whiteboard for setting out the family tree for the flashes - this will make working through the stories a lot easier.

I was reading one of the articles about Flash Fiction and it was likened to anti-capitalism (with longer narratives being likened to capitalism due to the necessity of furnishing the stories with words and clutter whereas flash fiction is minimalist).

I have to say, I like the idea of being an anti-consumerist, anti-capitalist writer through my choice of narrative length!

One look at my desk will tell you it's probably the only place I really stretch my minimalist muscle...

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Rhianna said...

Oh Sif how super exciting for you. I am so happy that all is finally falling into place for you.

Good Job!