Monday, July 15, 2013

Term Three...

Term three!

I cannot believe how quickly the holidays passed this time around.

I also cannot believe that we still haven't managed to have MIL come around for a visit. By now she is probably thinking we have no intention of ever inviting her over. We will definitely have to remedy that this week. We have been discussing having a time each week when we visit her for no specific reason - that is, not for running errands, unless they happen to need running at that time, just visiting for a chat and some tea, very low key.

That would be the only low key part of our lives at the moment.

Today Lukas and Bryn went back to school for term three. Ari went back to kinder. Erik doesn't go back to high school until tomorrow, but will spend today finally finishing the painting for the 'Brushes with Life' table top book.

I was given a reprieve on the work I had due for last night because my supervisor needed to reschedule our appointment for next week instead of this week due to a tooth problem - yay! That is, yay for rescheduling, not yay for the tooth, it's totally awwww for the tooth, don't get me wrong.

Today, though, instead of getting on with the reading and reviewing of literature, I'm going to write my piece for the Brushes with Life book. I've decided to write a parable. It has been worming its way through my head for the past three weeks or so. Now I've just got to get it down on paper. I also need to come up with some sort of image to accompany the parable. I really need to think about that one.

This term Ari starts school orientation, I'm excited and nervous! He is so very ready for the academic challenges of school, but I'm just not sure how he will fair with the social demands. I was advised a few days ago - by parents of children with autism - to have him assessed now that we have a diagnosis for Erik, but while I can see he is feisty and loud and boisterous, I just don't know that he has anything else going on. Maybe I just don't want to see it. Or maybe there really isn't anything to see.

And by the end of this term, it'll be spring - woot!

So, time to get my skates on and get into work mode because term three is upon us!


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