Thursday, July 18, 2013

Things I'm Learning - second week in the office.

I'm more than half way through my second week as someone who goes to (unpaid0 work, and I've learned a few things over the past 9 'work days' I thought I'd share with you guys.

  • This is a great place to blog. In fact, I find I blog first thing when I get in here and that gets the creative juices flowing - so you can pretty much guarantee that if I have blogged, it means I've been to work.
  • The reticulated air in here is hot and dry and yawn inducing, and the only way I can combat it seems to be by taking my shoes off, so I'm becoming recognised as the 'researcher in socks' - as a side note, I'm not particular about matching my socks in the morning, so I'm probably secretly known as 'that crazy odd sock lady'.
  • Researchers in the department of Arts and Education don't seem to be morning people; Imagine tumbleweed city in here at 9am...
  • Except on Fridays - on Fridays I walk in to packed cubicles. Something about Fridays seems to motivate these people. I imagine hoards of researchers waking up Friday morning and going, 'Shit! Haven't made it into the office all week, better look as if I'm actually doing something about this degree!' You know, unlike me, who comes in several time a week... To blog...
  • Going to work was fun the first week. This week it's just repetitive. What is with that? I could not wait to get in here a couple of weeks ago, to have my own space to work and think in, to have a 'work day' structure with a defined purpose and timeline. Last night I was going to bed and found myself thinking - I wish I could sleep in and not go to work tomorrow... As if I actually get to sleep in when I'm not going to work, ha!
  • My plans to go five days a week haven't actually worked out yet. Last week was school holidays so I had to be home to do stuff with the kids a couple of days. This week there have been home demands of a different kind. Part of the problem has been that I haven't had a personal phone here until today, so hopefully having that will help, but seriously when you have a large family and you are the person who usually organises appointments, payments, applications, purchases and so on and so forth, then it's not easy to do all that when you also have to be at work outside the home. Sure the Grumpy Old Man could do these things, but he won't, and often times he can't really because accounts are in my name and so on.
  • I'm actually pretty good at making cut lunches - and eating them. Who woulda thunk it?
  • The walk to the main campus takes about 10-15 minutes (so, um, not five minutes as people kept reassuring me). I'm really looking forward to moving into the new building next year and being in the middle of things - and near real coffee.
  • Long skirts and pants do not mix well with roller chairs; one must develop a 'scoop and roll' habit if one insists on wearing flowy garments!
  • I feel all grown up and stuff... Actually, I feel like a four year old wearing mummy's high heeled shoes and nightie with a string of plastic beads around my neck, but as they say 'Fake it, 'til you make it!' (no, really, that is actually what they told us in our induction seminar)

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