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Days that don't pan out as you thought they would...

Today, I'm having one of those days which hasn't panned out as I thought it would.

It started out okay. I went to bed at 8pm last night and got up just before 7am this morning, which is a major win for me on the sleep front. I took my iron and vitamin B, got dressed, packed my lunch and was ready for a day at work (Uni). The plan was to read and summarise at least two new articles, possibly three.

Then the Grumpy Old Man tells me Rudd has announced that if elected he will legislate that parents who do not vaccinate will not receive Family Tax Benefit A. Now, this is a huge part of our overall income, so I got straight on the net to find out exactly was said. Lucky I did, because it turned out to only be the end of financial year supplement we stand to miss out on. (if you want to skip where I rant about this issue, go past the green text to the next lot of black text ~ you're welcome)

Then, as described in this article, I found that it is possibly only for the years the children are one, two and five - there was no mention of the same supplement amount which is paid in other years. So, it may not affect all our supplement income, possibly only one amount for Ari and only next end of financial year. Time will tell.

This move from the Rudd Government will be very popular amongst the majority of vaccine-invested voting adults (i.e. those whose children and grandchildren are vaccinated). Whether or not it will actually be an effective motivator to those who choose not to vaccinate remains to be seen. As already mentioned in the media in the last couple of days, many non-vaccinators do not rely on Family Tax Benefit part A supplement because it is means tested and they earn too much - many non-vaccinators, contrary to popular opinion are well educated and therefore often high income earners.

Some of us - though well educated - are, nevertheless, reliant on the supplement in question - we are the manipulatable poor. For my family that $726 per child per year is a great boon. To live without it in our current economic state will be a great hardship. The children will doubtlessly miss out in some way, which is very sad.

The thing is, our (meaning mine and the Grumpy Old Man's) choice not to vaccinate is not based on a whim. We do not make this choice lightly. We are not attempting to subvert the Government or be 'alternative' just for the fun of it. We truly believe vaccinations can, and have, harmed our children. We believe the medical profession does not take our concerns seriously and we believe they go to lengths to hide vaccine damage in children when presented with it because it does not suit the agenda of the pharmaceutical companies which profit from these drugs. 

This (hiding negative outcomes from medication use) has been seen to happen with a great range of other drugs and people are often mistrustful of medications for mental health issues or for conditions such as ADHD, and yet our society steadfastly refuses to demand higher standards of testing for vaccines. 

I think the Government might find that neither bribery nor punishment can force parents to go against their better judgement when it comes to the health and well being of their own child.

So, anyway, we will not sell our children's health for the price of $726 or $2000 or even more than that if all supplement payments are to be withheld if a child is not vaccinated.

Back to how my day didn't pan out as expected.

After doing a bit of media research this morning, I headed off to work. First we dropped Ari at kinder. This is when I was reminded that I had put myself down to do kinder duty today. So, instead of going to work this morning, I got to spend the morning with twenty delightful four year olds! I have to say, it put all the stress regarding Rudd's announcement right out of my head for those three hours. It was also nice to get back into the kinder environment and put some of my Certificate III in Children's Services skills to use, I must check and see if they need parents again at some point in September, I really enjoyed my morning!

After coming home at lunch time the plan was to go to mother-in-laws and while Ari and I visited, the Grumpy Old Man would do her grocery shop for her. As it turned out, she hadn't written her shopping list (on purpose, I suspect) and so we just had a nice relax and chat, and I showed her photos from the house, which she hasn't seen yet.

We really need to spend more time just being with her, rather than doing for her. We're really her only social contact that isn't a paid service person (she has a hairdresser, gardener, and cleaner who come around regularly, but all of her friends live too far away and are, like her, too frail to travel).

So, no articles were read and summarised today, but maybe I just needed something completely different anyway!



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