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Weekend Rundown...

Well, we've had a lovely weekend which started on Friday with picking up the Green Beast. She does seem to be happier after her service and fix up; with new spark plugs and no more leaking coolant. We celebrated by taking the boys to the swirly-whirly park (that is not its official name, just what we call it).

We've been going there since Erik was only 7 months old. It has changed in the past decade and a half, but the swirly-whirly slide has ever been a constant and over the years, we've bitten our bottom lips as each of the boys mastered the six metre high slide.

Erik didn't join us on this trip down memory lane as he is far too cool for the swirly-whirly slide these days.

The boys were teaming with energy after a few days stuck at home.

It wouldn't have been a trip to the swirly-whirly park without feeding the ducks!

There was quite a bit of argy-bargy going on amongst our feathered friends as well, with several ducks repeatedly chasing off the one in front here…

I'm suffering P.I.D...

Politically induced depression.

That has to be it...

I have been trying to figure out why I have been feeling so flat of late. I still haven't made it to Uni, but also there have been a couple of days where I barely made it out of bed.

Tracking back, I find it all started on the weekend of the Federal election, and so I've come to the conclusion my mind simply does not want to process life under a Liberal government and more particularly, under a Liberal government lead by Tony Abbott.

Every day there seems to be a new horror story of ignorance erupting in the news. Ignoring asylum seekers, ignoring the environment, ignoring women, ignoring foreign aid, ignoring students, ignoring sole parents. All this government seems interested in is Corporate Rights (if they get their way, we won't legally be allowed to publicly boycott immoral companies).

Tony (as he seems to prefer everyone being on a first name basis) has been quoted as saying, 'Happy is the country more interes…

Frustrating Week...

I've felt quite frustrated this week.

I haven't been to work at all, though I'm sure I'll be fine by Monday.

I'm feeling a bit frustrated with my painting. I think I just need more patience. I need to do the paintings in stages and allow for proper drying in between those stages to achieve the end results I'm looking for.

Excellent news, on the painting front, though. I sold a painting! I wasn't even considering selling the paintings - I didn't feel they had much commercial value - I was doing them to please myself. Then someone wanted to buy one of my paintings - someone I don't actually know! That's a good feeling!

Took Erik to a paediatrician this week. When diagnosing children with Aspergers or Autism for the purpose of early intervention, the diagnosis must be a team consensus. Erik is outside this category in that he is no longer eligible for early intervention because he is over the age of twelve. In fact, we are receiving a Carers Allowa…

Pichi Richi Pass...

In South Australia there is a place called Pichi Richi Pass. My parents once took me there, I think because it is near Quorn, and I somehow recall the need to go to Quorn to pick up a glider, or pilot a glider, or something to do with gliders - my parents were both glider enthusiasts for a short while in my childhood.

Anyway, we have this iconic photo taken from a trip to Pichi Richi Pass one night.

This past week I've thought about this photo often.

You see, months ago, I was diagnosed with GERD, a reflux disorder, which I've had all my life, and which did lead to an ulcer when I was 18, but which I've basically been untreated for all this time - except taking Mylanta until the ulcer healed, and then taking Gaviscon and Quickeze and the likes throughout pregnancy when the reflux became really bad.

I'm so used to reflux, I don't think about it much even though I've had it almost daily for as long as I can remember.

But then I started experiencing terrible stoma…

Bryn is going to write a book...

I couldn't be more proud.

Bryn told us last night at the dinner table that he and his friend have decided to write a novel - with pictures - called 'The Extreme Sleepover', about two boys who have a sleep over and encounter zombies.

Apparently, he's thought it all through, the novel will have 24 chapters and each chapter will be about two pages long. The other child will be doing the illustrations, while Bryn will focus on the writing, with input from the other child as well, of course.

They want this 'properly' published - so at a printer - and they want their teacher to read it to the class, so it has to be done in the next three months.

And then came the caveat...

Of course, in order to write this book, they need to research 'sleep overs', by actually having a sleep over.


He's such a clever kid, don't you think. His manipulation is wholly based on preening mine and his father's ego by pursuing our joint passions of writing. He is…

Gratuitous second post today - Studying, such a high!

It's very quiet in the office today.

Quiet - I don't get a lot of that in my life these days, except now, because of studying.

Oh, how I love it - studying that is.

I come in here two or three times a week and get to sit completely undisturbed. I'm getting so much work done that my supervisor is beside herself - and I feel like I'm not even doing enough because of the amount of time I spend online.

I get to buy books and read about fascinating stuff (to me), and not only it is fun and stimulating, it's going to get me a great job doing and teaching about one of my passions - writing.

I guess I'm saying I just don't understand people who shy away from study. Not those who aren't interested in it at all - horses for courses - but those who wistfully sigh when you tell them what you are doing. The one's who tell you they really wish they could study, but they think they're too dumb.

There is no such thing!

Too dumb to study? It just isn't true!

First Day of Spring - Father's Day - recap...

The heady aroma of Jasmine fills the air and so begins the first of my favour seasons - Spring!

So, we survived the winter and in all appropriateness we took the home airconditioner for a test drive yesterday afternoon. It is fabulous - we've never lived in such cool air luxury!

We had a lovely Father's Day yesterday. A relaxing morning spent watching one of the Grumpy Old Man's new dvds - Pyramids of Mars (a fourth Doctor story). I didn't remember that Tom Baker was such a cranky old Doctor - he and the Grumpy Old Man have more in common that the long face and curly hair. I married the fourth Doctor!

We pottered around, doing a general tidy (oh the joys of domestic life do not stop, not even for Father's Day). Then we headed over to my parents to give Grandad Lester his father's day present and to check out their deck-in-progress.

The weather was so lovely, it felt like summer holidays already!

The kids had a jump on the giant pillow, and then we went home.