Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Bryn is going to write a book...

I couldn't be more proud.

Bryn told us last night at the dinner table that he and his friend have decided to write a novel - with pictures - called 'The Extreme Sleepover', about two boys who have a sleep over and encounter zombies.

Apparently, he's thought it all through, the novel will have 24 chapters and each chapter will be about two pages long. The other child will be doing the illustrations, while Bryn will focus on the writing, with input from the other child as well, of course.

They want this 'properly' published - so at a printer - and they want their teacher to read it to the class, so it has to be done in the next three months.

And then came the caveat...

Of course, in order to write this book, they need to research 'sleep overs', by actually having a sleep over.


He's such a clever kid, don't you think. His manipulation is wholly based on preening mine and his father's ego by pursuing our joint passions of writing. He is well aware that I wrote books in from the age of five, which were 'published' and catalogued in the school library, and so he is following in my footsteps. Of course he knows writers need to research, and I have told him many times, 'Write what you know!' so he is putting all that knowledge into practice to manipulate us into letting him have, or attend a sleepover with his friend - where possibly no sleep will actually be had.

Last night, while searching for a photo of my dad in some of his old things, I found a copy of one of my books - it still has the school's library stamp on the back! Inside the book my spelling is atrocious, but I have the gist of a story requiring a crisis and a resolution, which I think is pretty good for a five year old!

Yes, when I was little my name was Claudette - it's a long story.

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