Monday, September 02, 2013

First Day of Spring - Father's Day - recap...

The heady aroma of Jasmine fills the air and so begins the first of my favour seasons - Spring!

So, we survived the winter and in all appropriateness we took the home airconditioner for a test drive yesterday afternoon. It is fabulous - we've never lived in such cool air luxury!

We had a lovely Father's Day yesterday. A relaxing morning spent watching one of the Grumpy Old Man's new dvds - Pyramids of Mars (a fourth Doctor story). I didn't remember that Tom Baker was such a cranky old Doctor - he and the Grumpy Old Man have more in common that the long face and curly hair. I married the fourth Doctor!

We pottered around, doing a general tidy (oh the joys of domestic life do not stop, not even for Father's Day). Then we headed over to my parents to give Grandad Lester his father's day present and to check out their deck-in-progress.

The weather was so lovely, it felt like summer holidays already!

The kids had a jump on the giant pillow, and then we went home.

The Grumpy Old Man went over to his mother's to do a couple of things for her - and be lectured on how he never buys himself new clothes and how she is going to take him clothes shopping for his Father's Day present (present or torture? he loathes clothes shopping which is why all my nagging about his need for new clothes has not made any kind of impression either).

I cooked dinner - hey, it was Father's Day - and later we had some apple pie and cream in front of some terrible sci-fi from the 60s or 70s featuring Sean Connery - only I couldn't bare it for long and went to bed after about 30 minutes.

And that was our first day of Spring! We are living the good life now!

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