Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Look at me, listen to ME!

this post was written last week, but I forgot to publish it...

Study is getting real.

I had another meeting with my supervisor on Monday - it was our first meeting in about five weeks and I was quite nerous that I had only reviewed five articles and written five stories, but she was really happy with the amount of work I had achieved.

Now though, she has said it is time to stop reading for a little bit and get started on writing my literature review. At my colloquium in May, I will have to ;present my proposal which will including a literature review of my topic area (so, just as it sounds, I have to have read most of the literature pertaining to my subject area and then start grouping together researchers who agree with one another and those who take a different point of view, and then I have to state where I stand on the topic and what new research I will be bringing to this topic.

The topic I am researching is fairly new - flash fiction - it isn't a new practice by any stretch of the imagination, but basically most practioners of flash fiction haven't bothered to theorise about the practice.

So, now is the point where I start to put myself out there and it is pretty daunting because in a field like economics or education where there is a long history or research and theorising, it is quite easy to hide - to put forward your unique view point but mostly be ignored because you are researching a tiny facet of a much larger body of research. I don't mean completely ignored as if your research is irrelevant, but it won't be, but I mean other researchers on your topic will be preoccupied with their own teensy area of research.

With flash fiction though because there is so little research and most of it has been preoccupied with defining and differentiating flash fiction from other forms of writing, I'm about to come along and say, 'Hey, let's move on from there and talking about some what flash fiction has to offer writers and readers and why it is an important literary form.' - and no one - at least not in any peer reviewed journal has ever really done that yet, so I will really be putting myself out there and saying, 'Look at me, listen to what I have to say.' and people looking into flash will not help but see me and read my stuff.

This is both very exciting and very intimidating!

Which might be why, since Monday, I have found it very challenging to sit down and write the stuff I really already know very well. To put my point of view out there as an equal to people who have been reading and writing flash longer than I have and who probably have already thought about the stuff I'm going to be presenting, but just haven't had the time or incentive to publish this stuff for themsselves.


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