Thursday, October 10, 2013

Obsessed with being smaller...

One of my Facebook friends just posted asking why her gym is full of advertising about losing weight - why the focus on weight loss over health gain?

I immediately thought, well, because becoming smaller sells.

Which led me to wonder why women in our society are obsessed with becoming smaller. It is as if women want to disappear. They need smaller thighs and a smaller bum and a smaller waist. Okay, so a fair few want bigger boobs, but that's about the only thing most women would wish to have more of.

Men on the other hand are obsessed with becoming bigger. They want bigger muscles, and of course, a bigger penis.

What does that say about us? Humanity.

What does that say about the balance of power.

My mum is quite tall for a woman and both her partners have been shorter than her. She has said to me that she sometimes feels too big. Mostly, I wonder, if it isn't that the men have felt too small.

You see, men are supposed to be powerful and protective of 'their woman', right?

Isn't that a strange way to think?

Somewhere, deep down inside of us, we seem to have this belief we should be overpowered by men - why?

Why is it important that we are smaller than men, physically?

Why is it important that we are lighter than men - not too heavy for men?

Why is it important that we don't overshadow men?

What is that?


In the natural world the female of the species is often larger than the male of species - think spiders. So, there can't be a particularly strong argument it is nature that determines men should be bigger and stronger and more powerful.

I think women need to let go of the notion to be attractive to men, we must be smaller than the man we are with.

That is all.

P.S. No wait... I tried googling 'big woman, small man' for an image to go with this blog... I wouldn't recommend doing that. It seems this concept so goes against our conditioning the vast majority of images involve ridiculing men and women for being 'the wrong size'. If the man is short or lightweight, or the woman is tall or large, then we must assemble them in positions which mock them for being 'the wrong size'. What a sad, sad world we live in.

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