Things I know about short fuses...

Wow, it's been a while since I've done one of these. I really do like the 'things I know' meme, I've been doing it on and off (mostly off, mind you) since its inception. Being something of a quiet fan of Rhianna's, I was a bit excited to find out she is hosting this meme for a little bit - then I totally forgot about it last week, d'oh, but I'm here now...

So, things I know about short fuses...

  1. I have a short fuse, I've always had a short fuse. Maybe because I have a short attention span - who knows. I'm sure it's genetic though, both my mum and dad have short fuses. My brother's fuse is longer but when it goes - Ka-Blamy!!! 
  2. My eldest recently pointed out to me that my youngest two have it pretty good, that I don't lose my cool with them nearly as much as I did with him and Luey. I had to apologise to him for that, and admit Bryn and Ari have been very lucky because Erik and Luey taught me so much. I know my parenting fuse has gotten longer, but not without cost to my older boys.
  3. I know my fuse is badly affected by hormonal fluctuations. And I know, that is an irritating thing to admit to. I definitely have a short fuse about two days before my period and again about day three of my cycle. I'm not sure why it is so specific, but I've been tracking it for a while now and it's fairly consistent...
  4. I know my fuse is shorter when I feel threatened. If I'm under stress, or I feel as if I'm not getting my fair share of recognition, my fuse burns at an enormous rate. Recognition is my language of love. I need to have my achievements, abilities, and talents recognised. I don't need presents, and I don't need a lot of physical contact, but when people recognise and value the work I have done, my fuse burns very slowly.
  5. A blown fuse can be a bit like an orgasm. I often find a great sense of relief once the fuse has reached it's ultimate conclusion and the tension between my growing annoyance and fighting to remain in control and calm is over. Sadly, this usually means putting relationships at risk. Sometimes I just wish I didn't have a fuse at all. Sometimes I feel having a fuse means I'm alive, I care about stuff enough to get annoyed. Sometimes I think I should take up Zen buddhism. Most of the time I'm just confused.
  6. I haven't found an effective way to douse a fuse that is burning too quickly - I am very much open to suggestions!
What do you know?

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Janet Camilleri said…
You've identified the triggers to your fuse, which is a great start to helping stamp it out before it goes KABOOM!

I think I'm like you on craving recognition especially from my nearest and dearest.
Me said…
I think everyone I know with more than one child learns more with each child - it's the natural progression of parenting. Even though we have one child - I still look back and realise some of the mistakes we made and wish we could change them.
I agree with Janet - being able to identify what triggers your fuse goes a long way towards delaying the kaboom that may happen.
Have the best day !
Rhianna SG said…
Oh so excited to have you come and join in lovely Sif, I gave the biggest smile when I saw your lovely button on the page!

Love all that you know. I know my fuse at time is incredibly short as well. It can take a lot of thought and energy to change it. And lots of breathing. So much breathing actually. And walking away for a moment. All of which so is so easy to say of course.

Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely and thanks again for joining in
Rita Azar said…
Love this post! My fuse can be really short too. I can't put my finger on what affects my fuse and how. But, I know stress an hormones do affect it with another range of things I'm not sure of. Visiting from #ThingsIKnow
If you find a way to delay that fuse let me know, i could use it, too! I def have a short fuse, especially with my son, which always results in me feeling like poo. :( -Aroha
I probably need to let my own fuse go sometimes. I tend to bottle things up too much which can be just as unhealthy as letting it all out too often!
ann said…
I have a mega short fuse and really do try not to blow up but sometimes the slightest thing will trigger me off and massive things don't!! Loved this.