Friday, November 22, 2013

Have Laminator, Will Makes Household Chores and Rules Posters!

I took a break from reading about Creative Writing Research Theory this afternoon to make a folder full of household posters!

You see, my friend Robbie loaned me his laminator... Oh, the power of laminating! The things I will do!

Like most parents, I'm so very sick of repeating myself. So, now I'm going to have all these signs up around the house, to which I will drag my kids when they refuse to toe the line and show our home some common courtesy!

Here are the posters I have created!

This will hang on the front and back doors and isn't only for the boys, but for everyone who visits the house - especially tradies. (yes, I'm for really, they're the biggest muck draggers I've ever seen!)

With this one, I intend to hang a white board marker next to it, so each boy can tick it off before they leave the house.

This gives a fairly clear picture of the issues we have in this house most night!

These are screen shots which I have roughly (very roughly!) trimmed for the purpose of posting here. There may be more to come - I'm going to trial these first and see how they go. I might add 'leave the toilet with the lid down' one, for example... 

I know some of my readers will feel this is an exercise in futility, or that I'm being far too strict with the boys, but routine and order work in our house, the boys respond well when they know - in clear terms -what is expected of them and I'm hoping this will reduce the whining about 'But I did it last time.' or 'I always have to do everything!'

I'll let you know!

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