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There are no public holidays in parenting...

I commented to Dave this morning that it feels like we never stop. He laughed - in the kind of way that puts his very existence in danger if I'm not in the right mood - and said, 'We are never closed for business!'

This is so true, of course, and every parent knows it. There is no real down time. Even when you're having a 'break', you really aren't, because from the moment you know there is a child on the way, you cannot ever really delegate the responsibility for that child. Not even when they are fully grown - just ask my parents, or your own for that matter...

It's been a busy weekend. We had the school fair at the primary school and despite a forecast of rain, we managed not to get wet, and there were even lengthy sunny patches, though the wind was bitter at times. I think numbers were down this year, but still a very good turn out (just not crowds and fewer long queues to negotiate).

I started out the day on the fairy floss stall (the most loathed of all stall because it is almost impossible not to leave covered in whispy, stick pinkness). There I met and talked to some prep mums from Bryn's class who I had not had the opportunity to meet this year - I don't think - certainly, I hadn't spoken to them at length. They told me they were going to 'wait and see' about getting their little ones an iPad for school next year. I thought that was interesting.

Mum and s-dad turned up for a little while just after I finished on the fairy floss stall. So we went and had a look at the art show. It was great this year - and not only because I had four paintings in it - because there was a far greater proportion of abstracts. My paintings fit right in, which was very exciting!

Teacup ride! We couldn't afford ride bracelets this year, but the kids did get a couple of rides each.

Minecraft 'Creeper' face painting!

Lukas' landscapes painting in the kids art gallery. Some has asked if they can buy it because it reminds them of their childhood! Lukas is chuffed!

Lukas hanging out with me at the 'Cloak Room' stall at the end of the day.

Okay, folks! The first part of this post was written on Monday, the rest of this post will be written today - see what I mean about busy? I don't even have time to finish blog posts these days!

On Wednesday Ari had his first transition session for going into prep next year. I took the opportunity to take a photo of him with Lukas and Bryn, seeing as Lukas will be at high school next year and so we won't get this opportunity to have the three of them in RMPS uniforms together then.

Below, you can see Ari in Ms Butler's class for his first transition session (he is the child second from the left at the back). He sat very still and paid attention, I was very proud of him.

On Wednesday evening we attended the opening of the High school's 'Visions' exhibition. It was just marvellous - so many talented students from across several electives. The food tech and music elective students also provided all the refreshments and ambient music. It was such a celebration of the students - I left there on a complete high knowing we absolutely could not have chosen a better high school for our boys!

Erik produced the 'Spike' image in the middle.

Erik with his optical illusion screen prints.

Erik's lino cut print of a wolf from early this year.

Erik's first every foray into oils (he wasn't particularly happy with this, but it's all part of the learning curve).

Painted shoes!

A glass TARDIS - the woman from the NGV who opened the show said she had never heard of any high school in Melbourne doing glass work as part of their art elective before, she was very excited to see this happening at our school.

Erik's copy of a Van Gogh painting.

And the art teacher especially asked for Surrey Dive to feature in the show as well - even though Erik actually painted this last year.

And finally Erik's 'Joker' painting in acrylics. The school has asked to hire this off Erik for display at the school for a period of time. Erik will receive an income from hiring his painting to the school! I love how the school respects their students enough to hire their works, instead of just asking for them.

 Of course, the busiest of busy weeks would not have been complete without Rupert the Kinder bear coming home for a visit! Ari has been looking forward to bringing Rupert home all year as he remembers him from when Bryn went to kinder three years ago. We were so busy though that instead of bringing Rupert back to kinder on Wednesday, we only go around to filling in his diary last night (well, 2am this morning, actually) and handing him in today.

Today I have drafted a letter to the school principal requesting a meeting with her to discuss mine and the Grumpy Old Man's concerns with the 1:1 iPad program being implemented next year at the primary school. They say family can opt in or opt out, but the reality is that if you cannot afford to buy your child or children an iPad, you don't have the choice of opting in. It is quite discriminatory. I attended a meeting on this issue on Tuesday night and there are many parents at our school who are concerned about the apparent rush of implementing this program. We hear the teachers having been planning this for two years, but we have only heard it will go ahead - regardless of our collective concerns - in the past few weeks, and at our cost. It seems very cheeky (putting it as nicely as I can) for the school to simply say, 'We want iPads and we want you to pay for them, but we cannot guarantee it will improve outcomes for your students, we just thinking it would make the classroom more fun for students and teachers.'

And of course, there is always study, and house cleaning, and meal making, and all the other stuff that must happen. Busy, busy, busy!


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