Are You and Soufflé or a Fruitcake?

Was talking to mum this morning, telling her the Grumpy Old Man and I are just not the sort of people who need glamour. Neither do we feel the need to look glamourous, nor do we aspire to living a glamourous lifestyle.

To my mind, this is not the same as not appreciating quality or beauty, both of us like to have quality and beauty in our lives, but we're just not the sort of people who need to go out to dinner often, or be seen driving expensive cars or wearing expensive clothing.

We don't get a thrill out of people envying our lifestyle at all. Other things motivate us.

We're very much about turning over ideas in our head, introspection and discourse interest us. We are definitely into social justice and politics, but we're very much left of centre and very much about helping out those who cannot help themselves due to the hand they were dealt. We would still feel the same way even if we were self-made millionaires. Dick Smith is our kind of millionaire, not Gina Reinhart.

We are all for working hard, but we do not necessarily believe that hard work always pays off - not in cold hard cash, in any case. We certainly do no believe the financially poor are financially poor because they lack vision or drive. We do not believe success is measured by financial wealth.

If we won the lotto, there would not be holiday houses and world trips, or luxury cars or designer wear in our future. We very much expect we'd get a house, and maybe a second, smaller car, probably something electric or hybrid, for when we weren't driving the whole family around.

I guess I'm saying, we feel no need to impress others - our sense of self comes more from what we think than what we have.

This is what we want our children to know. I was telling s-dad the other day that even if we had the money to give our children pocket money, we wouldn't, and certainly not for doing jobs around the house - their own community base - we would want them to contribute because they value their home, not because they were being paid to. We will always encourage them to earn money outside the house for their wants - as Erik has through his painting - but while our children are still legally children, we will provide for their needs - and we don't feel they need cool clothing or the latest mod-cons.

We don't feel a flashy car or big house is a measure of success. Kindness and empathy are great measures of success though - and everyone has access to those no matter their social status…

As I read on Facebook the other day…

It feels like so much of our society is about the bling, about impressing other people with stuff, with glamour, with, with… Fluff!

Ask yourself, do you want to be a soufflé or a fruitcake? Soufflés are pretty, but essentially they lack density and they are ever so fragile and deflate at the slightest of bumps. Fruitcakes are all density - a little fruitcake goes a long way! They can certainly be nutty, but they're solid to the end - and they don't take themselves so seriously. I mean, how can they given they're so fruity…