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Goodbye 2013 - We will remember you fondly!

Here we are on the very last day of the year - it's been a good day, as have many this year!

We had a sleep in followed by a visit to my parents for Icelandic pancakes with sugar, cream and strawberry jam! Yum, yum!

I have just spent a little while giving the blog page a little facelift to usher in the new year - you like it? I decided I wanted to go with a dandelion header because our front yard is teaming with them, and they are a symbol of wish making and wish fulfilment.

We've had such a fantastic year!

I'll do a little round up, but I know I'll forget stuff, it has just been so jam packed with goodness, but here goes…

  • My parents moved back to Melbourne! This has been a source of much joy! First and foremost because we get to spend much more time with them. All the boys have gotten to know them a whole lot better. It has also meant The Grumpy Old Man and I have a larger support circle. We have people to come and stay with the kids if we need to get out without them, we have more people to come and celebrate big events like birthdays, and holidays, and the Grand final and graduations. Ari was able to have his grandparents come along for 'Grandparents Day' at kinder, it was awesome!
  • We were given a car! This has made an immeasurable difference to our lives - for one thing we seem to spend half our working week in the car (but we're absolutely not complaining!). We have been able to get out as a family without even a fraction of the stress or time it would normally have taken us. We took ourselves off to the beach for the very first time! In the last week of school this year, the Grumpy Old Man was even able to help out at the primary school by ferrying several kids to and from a 'free day' event! We've done so much more as a family this year because of the car!
  • I was accepted into a PhD at Deakin University! This is a dream come true, it really is. I have held the goal of completing a Doctorate for the past twenty years, and it's been a long and winding road, including having to undertake two separate Masters degrees, but now I'm in the Doctorate and it's all happening! I'm am so thrilled words cannot express! As well as this, I am the recipient of a bursary which will allow me to purchase a range of adaptive technologies!
  • We moved house. The process of moving house was very quick and relatively simple because of the car. We found an amazing house in a lovely suburb we previously would not have been able to consider due to relative lack of public transport. This house is so much nicer than our previous house, even the removalists commented on the upgrade! It was as if it was just waiting for us to be in the market and then it appeared - no one else even got a chance to check it out! We have so much space here and it has a dishwasher (I can't tell you what a difference that has made to our lives)!
You know, these points, so far, only take us up to the middle of 2013! The second half of the year hasn't see as many changes, more a consolidation of all the awesome changes from the first half of the year. We have settled into the house, and Erik settled really well into his new high school. Lukas also gained a place there and is looking forward to starting next month. Ari had an awesome time at kinder and cannot wait to join Bryn at primary school next month. I made so many new friends at Uni and have generally met a lot of lovely people and become involved is some great groups and activities. 

The boys all ended the year with good marks, including a sprinkling of As and Bs - which is not something we take for granted in this household!

Lukas had a great graduation, and performed a little dialogue with two of his friends (he's such a natural on stage, I'm kind of hoping he might consider drama at school, we'll see).

Having two families Christmases just topped everything off nicely! Oh, and did I mention we drove over to my brother's in Tullamarine on Sunday? We did - or rather the Grumpy Old Man did -, so if we can do that, we drive anywhere! Woot!

As you can see, 2013 has been a bumper year for us - such a delight after the preceding four years. My wish for 2014 is that things continue along the same theme - health and happiness for our little family! Maybe some work for the Grumpy Old Man and/or I would be fantastic as well!

I hope 2013 has been one of your better years, as well, and that 2014 brings even brighter times for all of us!


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