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Happy Slacky McSlacker Day!

So, who else joined us in a day of sloth?

The last month has been frantic, hasn't it - or is that just us?

On Christmas Eve we hosted a sit down dinner for nine.

On Christmas Day we hosted a sit down dinner for seven.

We made Icelandic laufabrauĂ° (leaf bread) and I was enormously proud of Erik's effort, especially considering he had never made these before and the patterns can be quite difficult to get your head around the first time!

Erik's laufabrauĂ° - he created this pattern of the top of his head!

After being deep fried.
 I also made chocolate ripple, apple and cherry pudding - pretty, huh? It was so yummy, I wish I'd made two! I think I'll make another for New Years Eve!

We had planned to have a very low key Christmas, present wise, this year due to tight finances. I viewed it as something of an opportunity for the boys to pare back their expectations a little… But then my brother came to their rescue and got them a PS3 and three games - cheeky thing!

Ari isn't coping too well with all the excitement, for three days in a row he's needed a long nap in the afternoon and he's developed something of a bratty, demanded, petulant demeanour. I know this is a passing thing related to the upheaval of the year coming to an end and saying goodbye to his lovely kinder, but I'm keen to get through this stage and move on to a somewhat better adjusted little five year old!

Ari at Kinder before Christmas
Ari with Andrea (Kinder Assisstant, left) and Katherine (Kinder Teacher, right).

Ari with his kinder Christmas present (anatomically incorrect dogs, as he pointed out).

So, today has been about reading, watching the cricket, dozing, listening to music and eating leftovers. I finally got to stuck into the absolutely DIVINE salmon dip my friend Vanessa brought over on the 23rd.

The Grumpy Old Man was gifted two bottles of Bailey's for Christmas (one from my parents and one from his mother) and he has PROMISE to share - and he'd better!

Tonight is the Doctor Who Christmas special in which we bid farewell to Matt Smith and hello to Peter Capaldi, I'm very excited - and a very sad, too! That will be followed by the Call the Midwife Christmas Special, as if too much is never enough - and it is not! Tonight's TV viewing could only have been surpassed if they had also screen the Downton Abbey Christmas Special as well (but they're going to make us wait until next year for that!).

So, I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas - as we certainly have - and that you have managed to sneak in a nap and some leftovers today while the kids occupied themselves!

I'll leave you with the fairly decent Chrissy photo I managed to get of my boys (without too much cajoling)!


Rhianna SG said…
Beautiful photo Sif and I am so glad you have had a wonderful time. Mine has been incredibly blessed as well. Wishing you all the very best for 2013, may it be filled with fairy wishes and butterfly kisses. Also can you please consider becoming a bit of a foodie blogger for a bit because I would like the details for that bread and the chocolate ripple apple and cherry pudding. Super yum!

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