Monday, January 06, 2014

Migraines, Work, and Extraneous Thoughts...

I have been suffering migraines this week - hence the lack of posting in the past few days.

For some reason they seem to be worse at night and most nights I go to bed with lots of pain around the front and top of my head, and also considerable nausea. I don't know what is causing this. I have been experiencing a very deep tone tinnitus as well, I'm not sure if this is related or just coincidental.

I've wondered if this is some sort of virus, as the Grumpy Old Man has also had a bad headache for days now. He thinks it might have something to do with the awful smell emanating from the roof cavity that one night. I don't know.

I'm profoundly aware of my sight deteriorating now, and am think it is definitely time to go see someone about it. Even as I write this blog post on my larger-than-life font screen at work, I'm straining to see the text - something is definitely up.

Anyway, whinge, whinge, moan, moan…

I have made it into the office today and that is a good thing. I need to get some writing done, and maybe sort a few things as well. I constantly feel as if I'm not doing enough. I was reading the Victorian Writers magazine this morning and noted one of the article writers is doing a fellowship overseas, and that she has won three prizes in the past couple of years as well. I don't even enter competitions. Maybe I should, I don't know, I'm afraid it might divide my attentions too much. Then again, in this arena you have to be noticed and winning awards is definitely a method of becoming noticed.

I saw the Australian Arts Council has funding for artists with disabilities to the value of $300, 000 (in up to $10 000 grants each)
. To get a grant you have to have a project which is both worthwhile to yourself as an artist, but also to other artists. You also need some sort of profile, some sort of recognition. I don't know if I have that or not. Is merely being published enough? Or do I need to have also won something? I'm going to have to ask around. The application deadline is only 7 weeks away.

I'm still stuck at Greenwood. The disability liaison officer who was dealing with my case - to be moved onto the main campus - has left Deakin. So, now I have to get to know another officer and try to sort this out. I have a great desk, it is just a fairly long walk from the main campus (okay, it's a 10 minute walk but it is along a busy road with many businesses where cars pull in and pull out, and every time I need to go onto the main campus, I have to drag a lot of stuff with me, which exacerbates these headaches). Wow, I'm really giving whinging a go this morning!

Anyway, so I was talking to the Grumpy Old Man about it all this morning. You see, this desk is great to work from in that it is quiet and all my stuff is here. But being the kind of person I am, I find I need to take a break from my work every 20 minutes or so, but more than that, because I have all these channels in my head constantly whirring away, I have a build up of extraneous thought that I just need to get out - I need to have breaks to chat with people, and those people are just not on this campus, nor is there anywhere to meet anyone here, there is no cafeteria where you might strike up a conversation - and who knows, a friendship - with someone, and dispel all the extraneous thought. So, I need to figure this out. I need there to be an office on Burwood campus in the next few weeks that I can move into.

Here that, universe?

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