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Thankful Thursday!

Being thankful is a great way to increase the joy in your life. So, I thought it would make for an excellent second post of the year for 2014.

Here is what I am thankful for today.

  • Whatever created the awful stench in our dining room ceiling last night waited until after the festivities to make itself known! I was sitting in the lounge room at about 10pm last night and decided to go into the kitchen to have a late night snack. As soon as I stood up, my nose wrinkled in subconscious displeasure. There was a distinct smell of rotten fish in the air! I followed the smell to its strongest point and realised it was emanating from the air-conditioning duct in the ceiling in our dining room. It was foul to say the least! The Grumpy Old Man and I could not understand how it had suddenly appeared like that, either. We've had previous experiences with house ghosts and it occurred to us that perhaps we had a particularly pongy house ghost on our hands - either way, the decision was made to call the real estate agent today and get the roof cavity investigated. I did go to bed feeling very thankful that stench hadn't descended upon us on Christmas Eve when we had our first lot of guests and wouldn't have been able to call the agent!

  • The smell was gone this morning! So, theory one, our pongy house ghost has left us! Let's hope we're wrong about the pongy house ghost because, well, they can come back and it's not something we care to have repeat performances of. Theory two, some critter dragged a rotting corpse of some other critter into our roof cavity last night for a post-New Year's feast and subsequently devoured the stench and so the stench is gone! This seems most likely. The Grumpy Old Man is concerned the devourer might be a snake, but I'm not even going to consider that possibility (la la la, I can't hear you, la la la!) - I'm just thankful the stench is gone!

  • I'm thankful that despite my best intentions to go to Uni today and work at my desk, the office is still officially closed until tomorrow. I could still go in today, but there would be no-one there and I don't know where the light switches are (no, really, in six months I still haven't worked them out), and would much prefer to have milk in my coffee, and hot water for my coffee would be nice too. So, why am I thankful? Well, I'm going to do some research work from home today instead - and my research assistant is coming over to help me -, and get the house tidied, and do some washing.

  • I am thankful for family time - being able to spend some time together without all the hustle and bustle of school days and work days is fabulous. These holidays feel just long enough - we've been on holidays two weeks tomorrow and that time has flown by! While I have to get back to work now, I know we'll still have 3 or so days a week to just hang out for the next four weeks before school goes back - not quite enough time to get bored as we still have so much to prepare for this new working year, but just enough time to reconnect more deeply and prepare ourselves emotionally for those busy times ahead!

What are you thankful for? Come join the fun at A Parenting Life!


Rhianna SG said…
Oh there is nothing worse than a bad smell is there? So glad that it disappeared and really hope it was just a once off visitor.

Thanks for joining in with #thankfulthursday lovely made my heart swell to see your link pop up!
Emma Fahy Davis said…
Oooh I hope the stench in the ceiling stays away! I'm thankful for holidays too, I'm so enjoying the much slower pace.
Sarah Barrett said…
I too am thankful for these school holidays. There are well needed and everyone is enjoying the rest and pyjama days.
SarahD Nolan said…
Glad the smell decided to depart for you. Enjoy the holidays, it is hard to go into a uni when there is nobody there I always found it hard to concentrate. Have a great New Year #Thankful Thursday
Francesca said…
Yay, no more pongy house ghost!

Hope you enjoy the last bit of holidays and wishing you a great 2014 :-)
Lydia C. Lee said…
Always, always thankful for school holidays!!!

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