Monday, February 24, 2014

Getting there...

Hello there, spot anything new? No, you wouldn't, of course, but I'm posting this from my brand spanking new Macbook Air 13". It is very snazzy and thanks to accessibility mods, also very accessible. Vision Australia did load a zoom program onto the laptop, but I'm not convinced it is for me - the accessibility on apple allows for a screen-in-screen zoom window, rather than zooming in on the entire screen (which can be very disorienting).

As well as this, I have received a new iPad mini retina to replace my old iPad 2, and much to the boys' delight I also received an Apple TV. Yes, I absolutely do need Apple TV for my studies!

So, now all the technologies are set, I just need a desk to work at on Burwood campus. Last I heard the people in charge thought they 'may' have a room for me in February. That wasn't exactly a promise. I find things move slowly at Uni though - which I find extremely frustrating because I'm not a very patient person.

I applied for a job last friday, had an interview on Wednesday and was told then applicants would hear their outcome by close of business today, Friday. I haven't heard anything. This is a job I have done before, but not in a number of years, so I wasn't particularly confident about getting the job, but still if I wasn't successful I would hope they would at least email me to let know. Oh well.

I'm in two minds about working. We desperately need the money, but at the same time, even a part time job means less time to do PhD work and I'm already feeling the pressure on that score. So, I won't be horribly disappointed if I don't get the job - though the extra income would make a massive difference to us.

Ari is settling into school very well. He just loves it. He is pretty much wiped out every afternoon though, which plays out as hyperactivity. I do hope he settles down soon. Next week is the last week of 1.40pm finishes.

I am always thinking, 'Then we can really just get on with life.' I feel like I've been thinking that for months now. To be honest, I think it is time I booked in to see my psych again. Some months ago I let anti-anxiety meds slip out of the routine and haven't taken them in ages, but my anxiety is as bad as it was this time last year.

I'm having all the same physical symptoms as a year ago - heart palpitations, restless legs and arms, that endless roller coaster ride feeling in the pit of my stomach. It is not good. Luckily, she emailed me a couple of weeks ago to catch up on things with Erik (who is going very well), and at the time I said I might book in to see her for myself, and she was very welcoming. Now I just need to find some time for an appointment.

About two weeks ago the Grumpy Old Man and I celebrated a whole year of having and driving the green beast around! Actually, on the day, we were on our way to Dean's funeral and another car backed into us at the petrol station. Insurance covered the cost of repairs, and as a bonus, the part that had to be replaced had damage from the previous own, and now we have a whole new in tact part.

Tomorrow we're driving to pick a desk up from a friend in a neighbouring suburb. We drive so much, it's not funny. Just last weekend, on Sunday, we drove to Eltham to pick Erik up from a birthday sleep over, then down to fern tree gully so I could attend a blanket making group, then down to box hill south for another errand - that kind of running around is no unusual for us. In 12 months we've driven 16 000 km (which is less than the average, apparently, but still quite a bit for us).

Um, gosh, my brain is all over the place at the moment...

So, anyway, I'll be rearranging the study yet again this weekend. I'm endlessly trying to find the best way to store and recharge all the devices. I would love to find the perfect solution...

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Bonnie said...

I wish there were perfect solutions, but....they are hard to come by. I can't believe it has been a year since you got the car. Wow. You sure are a busy family.

Good Job!