Tuesday, February 18, 2014

When plain language isn't enough...

Something I always do!

So, picture this. A couple driving between errands on a beautiful late summer's day. All four kids are at school, so it's nice and quiet in the car, just the mellow tunes on the radio playing.

Husband: Okay, so you want me to drop you off at Uni next?

Wife: Yes.

Husband: Which campus, Greenwood or Burwood?

Wife: Burwood. Oh did I tell what Mr14 said yesterday... *launches into tale about Mr14's antics*

Husband at conclusion of tale: So, which is it, Greenwood or Burwood?

Wife: I said Burwood, already.

Husband: No, you didn't, you said *feigns weak voice* 'Burwood...'

Wife: Yes, Burwood, exactly, I said 'Burwood!'

Husband: No, you didn't say, 'Burwood!' - if you had said 'Burwood!' I would have known it was Burwood, but you said *weak voice* 'Burwood...' and there would be a thousand men lined up behind me agreeing that unless you say, 'Burwood!', the answer just isn't clear. It's like, 'Well, she said "Burwood", but does she really mean Burwood?' You have to be more declarative.

Men are truly weird.

Here's a tip - if you are a man, LISTEN. TO. THE. WORDS! Is that declarative enough for you? The words hold all the meaning they need. It's not how we say it, it is what we say!

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Unknown said...

Brilliant! LOL

Why not send this one into something like WW, Reader's D ot take 5! Needs to be shared!

Good Job!