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C'est La Vie!

Look, it's me in my element! Well, sort of. I worked the Mature Aged Student Club (MASC) stall at Deakin University for O Week, yesterday (I'll be there tomorrow and Thursday as well), and we managed to sign up over 40 members on our first day. Marije (the lovely one to my left in the photo) told me I was 'very good' at the whole talking to people thing. I guess I've had a lot of practice through the Salvos. I don't mind talking to people when I'm in some sort of official capacity - like club secretary.

Today, I had a braille tutorial, I really didn't feel like going; was quite stressed and down in the mouth. My nanna died on Sunday and I'm very sad that I couldn't go to be with her in her last days (we knew her time was close because she had another stroke on Thursday). It looks like I might make it to her grave-side ceremony (the funeral is tomorrow in QLD, but she is being laid to rest next to grandad in Shellharbour on Monday next week). So, I didn't feel like doing braille, but Jordie, my braille tutor, is just so lovely, she had me laughing in no time. Yes, braille is funny!

I'm 'Executive Editor-in-Chief' of a new magazine at Deakin for students aged 21 and over, it's called 'A' and it was launched yesterday, and it looks great, if I say so myself! I'm very excited that this went from concept to e-publication in just three months - and over Christmas break even!

We sent a copy off to the Pro Vice Chancellor, just for fun, and she sent back the following email...

The message was sent to our publisher, because he sent her the link to the magazine. Pretty awesome, huh?

We had the real estate appraiser come look at the house yesterday afternoon. The Grumpy Old Man says the young man was in his mid-twenties (they get younger all the time, don't they?), and that he was extremely polite and friendly without being smarmy or suck-uppity (that's a word, trust me, I'm an executive editor-in-chief of a 'constructive and helpful mag'). When asked he said it wasn't a given the house would go on the market as it's a family investment (so everyone would have to agree). He also said that the market is currently levelling out again after a growth in November and December, and that it's mostly investors buying, so there is a good chance that if the house was sold, the new buyers might want to keep us on as tenants. He noted that we are very keen to stay on at the property - and he could see we take care of the place.

Hopefully we won't have to move.

I was told on Friday that I have been allocated my very own office at Uni, in a very central building. This is fantastic news. The catch is that I will have to wait until June, minimum, to get into the office. That means I won't be getting into the office before my colloquium. I was pretty pissed off when I first got this news, but really, I'm so happy to be getting my own office - a room to myself - that I can't really complain about the wait. I've devised a plan for trimester 1 - a timetable for myself - so I can get all the work I need to do on Burwood done over two days in the week, and then I can go to Greenwood for two days and go to Vision Australia on Tuesdays for braille lessons.

I'm being published - I mean besides in the magazine I'm editing - in a few weeks. I used to get extremely excited every time I got published but now - while I would never take it for granted - it's become something of a comfortable cardigan to wear, like, 'Oh, that's nice, published again.' I really need to get onto writing out my resume.

Speaking of resumes, Erik told me today that he and a friend will be writing their resumes to apply for work soon. I'm so glad he has a friend who is doing this too, because I don't know if he'd do it otherwise. He was all gung-ho about getting work until he was actually old enough to do it (which will be on Thursday). Suddenly, he had all these reasons he couldn't work, e.g. he doesn't like how dirty fast food joints are. I think he was just nervous. He said he didn't want to miss out on hanging with his friends, I reminded him he doesn't hang with them outside of school now, and even if he did he has no money to spend on drinks or movies or anything. So, anyway, he's making plans and I'm happy.

Lukas comes back from year 7 camp tomorrow. I didn't take a picture of him with his bag on Monday morning (I was still upset after hearing nanna had passed). I didn't see him off on the coach. I feel like a terribly slack mum. I'm trying to console myself with the theory that younger children fair better in life because they fly under the radar of overly fawning parents - maybe it was better for Lukas that I didn't carry on like a pork chop that my baby was going on year 7 camp. Let's hope so.

Erik was pretty happy to hear I might be going away for three days (that's the response you want from your family when you tell them you're going away, isn't it). In his words, 'Ace! Dad never makes us go to bed!' Busted, Grumpy Old Man, busted!


Rhianna SG said…
So sorry to hear of your Nan's passing my dear. Sending lots of fairy wishes and butterfly kisses your way xx

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