Saturday, March 01, 2014

Looking for windows...

You know that saying, 'When a door closes, a window opens.' - well, I'm on the hunt for windows.

After not getting the note taking position I had interviewed with, I spent a day or two moping, and then figured I had better get on with looking for work. I figure my resume and interview skills could do with a bit of work. I also just need to consolidate all the roles I have had over the past couple of decades - particularly the past 10 years - and try and make them seem appropriate for a paid work place.

Being 42 and legally blind, I thought my best bet might also be to approach Vision Australia and see if they could assist in the process. I found out yesterday that because I am studying full time, they are not permitted to allow me entrance into their employment program. This is apparently a new Government funding policy thing which came into effect last October. It's a bit crappy because as a person with a disability, even 50% load is considered 'full time' and, well, the university cannot allow me to do less than a 50% load - assuming I was prepared to do that, which I am not (3 years of a PhD is long enough, I wouldn't want to be doing this for 9-12 years).

So, back to the drawing board, and back to looking for windows. The JobShop at the university has a couple of casual registers I want to put my name down on; one is for casual academic staff (so tutors and markers), and the other is for casual research staff. Of course, I'll have to put down that I have never worked for a university before, but I have to start somewhere.

To be honest, I'm kind of hoping that just the act of registering - of putting myself out there - will be enough for the Universe to see I'm for real and send something my way.

I have also started looking at rental properties in this area. The selection is depressing. They're either tiny (as in, we have far too much large furniture I don't want to get rid of), or they cost a bomb. It would be lovely to think MIL is going to just wake up one morning all jazzed about the idea of selling her family home of 43 years and buy a house to share with that, but that is about as likely as me landing a prime lecturing position this year (hey, Universe, if you could see your way to both of these I would be forever grateful)!

Still, keeping an eye out for the open windows. I know they'll be here somewhere.

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