Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Aiming at a moving target: academic philosophy...

I didn't do a lot of work over the long weekend, but I did manage to get the chapter edited and sent of to my supervisor. She was very quick to read it and return it by the next morning with lots and lots of tracking comments…

So, now you know what I'll be doing at work today!

This got me thinking about the various stories - almost like urban legends - I've heard of authors submitting already published manuscripts to editors under a pseudonym and getting them back covered in editing marks. No matter how well you polish something, there will always be something you can improve on.

I had mum go through this essay with me. Mum is a very good essay writer, and still my supervisor had plenty to say on how I needed to change things. Once I've changed everything to her standard, there will be no guarantee that the panel who will be assessing my work will be impressed. It is all a matter of preferences and opinion. 

This is why I can't afford to take criticisms personally. Criticisms aren't about me, they're about the person providing the critique. They're about that person's preferences and understanding of how something should appear to be considered valid. My job is to aim for hitting the centre of their target as closely as possible - the fact that that target is constantly moving depending on who is holding it, is basically my problem, not theirs.

That's my little bit of academic philosophy for the day...

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