Monday, April 14, 2014


Back in the office this morning, after what feels like an age away. Didn't feel like I managed to get much done last week, which means this week's effort has to be mammoth. Five thousand words, no less! My aim is to write one thousand word a day between today and Friday. I don't have braille this week, so that means I should be able to be at uni every day.

The book I need to from Melbourne Uni arrived on Saturday, which is fantastic because I felt quite hamstrung without it. I have an outline pretty much sorted, so it is really just a matter of breaking it down and writing it up. The hardest part is the referencing, but my supervisor has said to use whatever style I'm most comfortable with, which makes it a bit easier. 

Yesterday I had a visit from one of mum's old students from Tabor in Melbourne. She had been to the launch of Tabor Adelaide's anthology 'Tales from the Upper Room', and she had picked up my complimentary issue as well as two others for me. 

So, now I've been published in four anthologies. I'm going to take individual shots of these books and post them up in the margin of the blog. Along with articles and various other bits and pieces, my body of work is slowly increasing. I would like to vary the source of publication a little bit more, but I can't complain!

Oh well, that's probably enough procrastination for today. Best get back to the grind mill!

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